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If you're a busy coach, consultant, or course creator who is looking for copy that is centered around people and impact instead of just revenue, then you're on the right page.

We all know that the goal of the sales page is to sell your product, but that doesn't mean that it has to feel icky or spammy.

Here are a few non-negotiables that are part of conscious copy.

conscious messaging

Your messaging is the most powerful thing behind your sales page. This is what makes your readers think “she gets me”. We’re going to focus on creating messaging that doesn’t re-traumatize your reader or blame them for their situation. We’ll address their challenges or concerns and their dreams or vision for the future in an empathetic way. 

Personality-Packed Copy

Want your copy to convert? Want to stand out from all of the other offers in your space? Then your readers need to connect with YOU because they want to work with you!

We’ll make sure that your copy reflects your personality, uniqueness (or quirks), and draws your ideal client to you through connection.

Authentic Tactics

I am anti-“bro- marketing” so you won’t find any scare tactics, fake urgency, or over-inflated “values” in the copy. We’ll stay away from intentionally “triggering” your readers. Instead, we’ll focus on showing them what’s possible for them if they purchase your offer. We’ll highlight the transformation rather than focusing on the pain.

Does that sound like it jives with how you want to promote your offer?


But, maybe you’re not sure how to write conscious copy (because it doesn’t use the same prompts as that sales page template you bought). 


Or, perhaps you’re out of time and you just don’t have the days to spend writing your sales page (because that launch is right around the corner!)


The sales page is the foundational piece. You can’t write anything else until that’s done. 


And once that sales page is done for you, all the other copy becomes a snap to create since you can literally copy-and-paste sections from your sales page to create the emails and social posts.

"The sales page isn't even up y'all and I already saw ROI!"

I had the opportunity to work with Kristen Westcott on my sales page copy. She did such a fantastic job and was able to fully capture my voice and help me articulate the value I bring. She asked me deep quality questions that helped pull out the good stories and then she took those stories to further show my personality and explain what it would be like to work with me. Before I worked with Kristen I had a really hard time articulating what my new offer was. After she completed the first draft, I took her words into a sales call and closed a deal for 2k!! 🔥🔥 The sales page isn't even up y'all and I already saw ROI!

I was so impressed that she got it right the first time! She is the REAL DEAL when it comes to writing copy. What set her apart immediately was that she understood the operations industry. She had a deep understanding of what my customer's pain points might be and I loved how she helped me articulate how I could help them in my own unique way. 

~Alicia Lozano, Operations Consultant

Like I said, I know exactly what you're going through right now ... which is why I created the ...




Let’s get rid of that frustration and pressure that comes with creating the sales page that is “just right” for your launch and reclaim your energy for engaging with your audience.


Imagine how it’d feel to 

  • Enter your launch full of energy because you haven’t drained it writing all your sales copy from scratch
  • Promote your offer with a sales page that is beautifully crafted with words that engage your client without shaming them
  • Have sales copy that is designed to help generate more sales without using those marketing tactics that make you shiver (and not in a good way). 
  • Know that your copy wasn’t written in a silo, but rather was written strategically to fit into your launch framework (and was written by a former Director of Operations who went through the launch process from start to finish).

Fill out the application below to get started!

 Stop the bottleneck in your launch. Let's get your sales copy written fast  

so you can move on the fun part of launching

(ahem ... engaging with your people)!

And this is how we're going to do it, together!

Inside this experience, you'll receive...

The Framework



This is the pre-work phase of your VIP experience. You’ll gather your customer data from emails and surveys so we can use their language in your sales copy. In doing this work you’ll also end up with a few updated testimonials to use during your launch!

You’ll also fill out our pre-work questionnaire so I can learn all about your brand voice, values, and vision and nail your copy on the first go!

Then we’ll meet the day before your VIP experience for a 90-minute copy connection call to review your voice-of-customer data and your pre-work questionnaire.  Together we’ll review the key challenges your clients are facing and how your offer solves that for them so we can be sure to address this in your copy in a conscious way.



This is where I stretch my fins (ahem fingers) and work my magic. I’ll start writing your sales page and ask that you be available via email or Voxer during the day for any quick questions that may come up as I write. But you won’t need to be on a call with me that day (so you can go ahead and work on other business tasks as I write your sales copy).





After one final perusal of your copy, I’ll send you an email with your Google doc and a loom walk-through of your copy explaining any notes or suggestions that I have made regarding design. 

You’ll also receive instructions for how to make the most out of your revision timeblock.

Plus A Few Bonuses!

Because I want you to be able to take the copy from your VIP day and get your page built, here are a few gold coins from my treasure chest ...

Checkout cart copy.

Loom walk-through of your sales copy with notes or suggestions for your launch and repurposing the copy.

1 hour timeblock for revisons to make any tweaks that will make you ready to shout your offer form the rooftops.

Canva sale page template for you or your VA to pop your copy into and get that offer out there ASAP (or to use as inspiration for designing your sales page).

A set of Canva mockups to help make the design of your sales page go smoother and really showcase your offer beautifully.

If you’re well and truly done with banging your head against the keyboard as you have to write yet another piece of copy and you’re ready for a launch where you can show up full of energy, generate revenue, and attract the right clients into your program ... then let’s make magic together.


Your investment …



*Want to upgrade your experience to get the emails written too? Not a problem, just indicate that on your application. It’s $5,000 for a sales page and up to 8 sales emails. But it always starts with the sales page (that’s non-negotiable because they are the foundation of every launch and generate the biggest ROI for your investment). 

I book a maximum of 4 VIP Experiences per month and typically book out approximately 4-6 weeks in advance. If we haven’t already connected via email to secure a date be sure to fill out your application soon to secure your spot. 

And unlike other VIP days where you’re booking the time of the expert and aren’t sure what you’ll end up with at the end of the day, I am guaranteeing a specific deliverable – your completed sales page copy. If I need a bit of extra time to complete the page there is no extra cost to you.


Ready to set sail for your VIP experience?

“I was amazed that she was able to create a story for my sales page that felt super authentic and easy to understand what I was selling”

Kristen was a pleasure to work with! I was struggling with how to articulate a new service and after speaking with Kristen in a strategy session, she made it super easy to pull my ideas into words. Her process was seamless and provoked my thoughts. I was amazed that she was able to create a story for my sales page that felt super authentic and easy to understand what I was selling. Kristen is a unicorn in the way that she not only understands great marketing strategies, she also has an operations brain that will speak to both sides of the business. If you need an amazing copy that sells and solves problems, reach out to Kristen!

~Kalish Nesbitt, Founder and CEO of Well-Run Retail

So who is the business mermaid diving deep into your offer and getting ready to write your sales copy?

Kristen Westcott

Hi, I'm Kristen Westcott! 

Your business strategist and conscious sales copywriter.

Now before I dive in to tell you more about me, you’re probably wondering what’s up with the term business mermaid? Aside from it being part of my brand, there’s an actual reason behind it. 

A mermaid is half fish, half-person. And I am half strategist, half copywriter. 

I bring both the left and right side of my brain to business. It’s rare that an entrepreneur has both skill sets, but I honed different pieces of my personality growing up and through my academic studies making using both sides of my brain a natural thing for me.

I’m strategic and creative. 

I can see the big picture and also pare it down to a detailed project plan. 

I can be serious but also have a spiritual and playful side to me.

Wanna know more about me as a person? 

  • I’m a mom to 2 little girls. I live in Ontario, Canada (eh?).
  • I prefer tea over coffee, Coca-Cola over Pepsi, and don’t think Pineapple belongs on pizza (possibly because I’m allergic to it!).
  • I was a legal assistant for 7 years and a teaching assistant in the sociology department at Brock University for 14 years.
  • Social justice is a passion of mine.
  • I’m an ISFJ, Enneagram 1w2, and very introverted.
  • And my guilty pleasure is reading romance novels.


I entered the online space in 2017 as a health and life coach and have had a few shifts since then, including being a Director of Operations (more commonly known as an Integrator) and managing my client’s launches. 

And what I know is that the best way to connect with your audience is through adding personality into your copy, being yourself, and using launch strategies that feel in alignment with your values. 

That’s the difference between having a stressful launch and one that you actually enjoy. 

And we’ll make sure that your copy is packed with your personality and conscious copy so that by the end of your VIP experience you’ll be excited to get your offer out there!

So my friend, I created this VIP Experience for you because I know that getting your message and offer out there into the world in a way that feels completely in alignment with how you want to engage with your audience is important to you and your business growth. 


Taking your business from 1:1 to a leveraged model means putting a lot of copy in place. 

It’s time to stop stressing over your sales copy and start getting excited about your launch. 

Your future clients are waiting for this offer so let’s get it out there for them. 


I know I want that for you…

6 Signs You Need a Stronger Strategy for Your Coaching Business

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“I've Been Blown Away By The Results!"

Kristen has helped me to write the sales copy for a new online LinkedIn masterclass. I've been blown away by the results! Not only is there amazing compelling copy for the sales page but she's included brilliant copy for social media. Her onboarding questionnaire was in-depth and she cracked on with the job at hand and nailed it in her first draft. Professional, personable and a true delight to work with. I can 100% recommend Kristen if you need help with any kind of sales copy. You won't regret it as she's super conscientious and really goes under the bonnet to get you the right result!

~Jen Corcoran, LinkedIn Trainer

Got Questions?

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I get it, you just want the 411 in as little time as possible.

So here's your tl;dr (too long;didn't read):

You can get your sales page done in a day.

I focus on conscious copy (no sleazy sales techniques) and lead with empathy.

Your copy will be filled with your personality because people buy from YOU.

Your sales page is the foundation for all other launch copy so getting it written is priority #1!

I only do 1 VIP day per week so secure your date soon.

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