The Freedom Track Challenge 

Five Simple Steps to Finally
Get the Work You Hate Off Your Plate

Hi solopreneur!


Let me guess… you love being creative and being in “your zone.” But, somehow, all of those OTHER tasks that need to get done are falling through the cracks.


You know the ones.


Maybe you’ve currently got them written on sticky note reminders or maybe they’re all showing overdue in your project management software.


Whatever they are, my guess is that it’s the work you just dread. The tasks that seem daunting. Or, they just take a long time because there are so many moving parts and something ALWAYS gets missed.


When you’re a solopreneur, everything in your business is dependent upon YOU.


You don’t have help.


You’re responsible for everything -- the work that fills you up and fulfills you… and the work that, quite frankly, you would rather never, ever do.


Do you ever wonder if there was a better way to get those annoying, repetitive tasks done QUICKLY so that you could focus on what you really want to work on during the day?

Do you ever wonder if you’re trading a stressful job for a stressful business?


It doesn’t have to be that way.


What if you could create a system that allowed you to focus your work on the tasks that matter, while creating a step-by-step process for handling the tasks you keep putting off?


I want to tell you a secret: most solopreneurs never document their processes! The result? They stay stressed out and burned out by the details. They often feel behind or like they’re “missing something.”


Maybe this sounds familiar?


  • You get a new client but onboarding them is stressful and important steps get missed
  • You have two invoices to send out, but they get sent on the wrong dates or… WORSE… to the wrong CLIENTS
  • Your Google Drive is a mess and you spend 15 minutes trying to find that document you desperately need only to find it buried in the Untitled section.


If this sounds like you, then it’s time to create some better systems within your business!


Creating efficient systems and workflows allows you to focus on the work that matters most to you.


No longer are you a slave to your to-do list. Instead, you can focus your time and attention on the work that propels you forward.


No longer do you end your day drained by handling the details you really despise.


Instead, you feel energized, fulfilled, and truly HAPPY that you run your own business and your business isn’t running you.


When you’re a solopreneur, you have to make the most of your time. Time can literally be money. You have no room to waste a minute.


Maybe even the process of creating a process seems daunting.


And, that’s where I come in!


In this free challenge, I will show you exactly how to create simple processes within your business so that you can get those things you hate off your plate!

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This is not complicated and it won’t take hours of your time.


In fact, you can begin with spending ZERO extra time.


Yes. ZERO.


What would it look like if you…


  • Could onboard clients automatically
  • Get paid on time because your invoicing was managed
  • Knew exactly what to do when creating a new resource, because you had a templated checklist to follow
  • Outsourced everything in your business to a VA to give you more space to bring on dream clients… clients you NEVER thought possible before


All because you gave yourself the gift of more time.


This is all possible when you simply create a documented process for everything you do in your business.


Want me to show you how it’s done?


Sign up here and get instant access to my free challenge!

During this challenge, I will show you how to:


  • Create a checklist of repeatable tasks to handle EVERY piece of your business, saving time and energy that you can then spend on other pursuits.
  • Easily delegate this work to a team member, freeing your time to tackle the work you’re meant to accomplish.
  • Document your most common tasks using the time you’re already spending on them
  • Best practices for keeping these processes updated 


Isn’t it time to truly embrace your CEO role? Isn’t it time to set yourself up for long-term success so that your business can run without you?


It’s so easy to get started and you’ve got nothing to lose.


Join me for this challenge and watch your business transform.

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