Running your own biz means that you set your own hours.


Having that flexibility is the DREAM.


But the harsh reality is that most of the time you’re:

  • Working at night

    when you should be spending time with those you care about.

  • Forgetting to take breaks

    or forgetting to exercise self-care when you're stressed.

  • Working Irregular hours

    by letting work hours leak into your personal life.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Strategy to Grow Your Business

But wouldn't it be great to actually...

  • Take time off

    during the day for personal affairs?

  • Work Off-Hours

    when they're more convenient for you?

  • Go on vacation

    without having to ask anyone for permission?

So why not let go of that reality and start living the schedule that you want?

I’ve put together a Guide to Time Blocking that will help you organize your work days (and even home life, if you want)!

The concept is simple: you create “blocks” in your days when you’ll complete specific tasks, whether it’s a coaching session with someone or just time spent alone researching competitors.


In an easy 4-step process, you’ll learn how to determine your priorities and time-bock your day-to-day work schedule, freeing up more time for you to do what you want when you want.

Take back your time today!

Ready to get your day blocked out and your stuff done?

Timeblocking Guide