Manage the Mayhem!






Let’s Spend a Week Together Simplifying How You Manage Your Prospects

So You Can Serve Your Clients Without All The Added Frustration!


This is a working challenge - I'm a no-fluff kinda gal - we're going to be getting stuff done!


Here's a peek at some of the things we're going to tackle:

  • setting up a filter for your inbox
  • setting up your call scheduler
  • creating a way to pre-qualify your leads
  • simplifying the "paperwork" that comes with bringing in a new client
  • centralizing your client information (even if you don't have a CRM)

Presented by: Kristen Westcott

Kristen Westcott

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Every day, I speak to copywriters, content creators, and other online service providers who are doing well in business, but they’re just SWAMPED! They’re working evenings, weekends and just can’t seem to cut back on those hours. 


Maybe you can relate…


When you first started your business you just wanted consistent clients and income, then that came … and now you’re grateful, but you’d really like a bit of time to yourself (and to not be working 7 days a week!) 


So you change your business model or you increase your prices and cut back on the number of clients you take on.  And for a while, things go really well.


You’re able to breathe! Your energy is up. Your deliverables are on time (and on fire!). If you’re lucky, you may even hit that big revenue goal you’ve been striving for.  


And then it happens…


Word is spreading again of how awesome you are! You’re getting more referrals. Bigger influencers want to work with YOU! You just can’t turn that down. 


So what do you do?


That’s exactly what you’ll find out when you attend the free Manage the Mayhem challenge.

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Discover the 5 essential steps that make bringing in new business a breeze.


Learn what to start doing immediately if you want to get more done in less time without burning yourself out.




During this FREE week-long event you’ll  …


  • Find out how to reclaim your time each week – even if you don’t have a team behind you.


  • Discover a powerful way to avoid those “pick my brain sessions”  – and you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!


  • Find out what those multi-six figure copywriters do when they send proposals to future clients  – and how you can create a solid proposal (that doesn’t take hours to put together)!  


  • Plus much, much more – in just 5 days you’ll get a crash course in the solution to finding more hours in your week that you didn’t even know were there. You’ll even get an opportunity to ask questions each day during the Facebook lives. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to continue to grow your business without making things harder on yourself. 


And so much more!!!


Why should I fit this into my already busy week?

This challenge will show you how to find more hours in your week that you didn’t even know were there! By doing the daily tasks throughout the challenge, you’ll save time, exponential time. Join us and you will see how what takes 30 min now will continue to save you 30 min over and over and over and over ... so it's worth carving out the time this week (the sooner you implement these tasks the faster you reclaim your time!)


So you can continue to grow your business without making things harder than they need to be!