The Onboarding Solution: A Workshop for Copywriters Strapped for Time and Sick of Reinventing the Wheel

At the end of this 4-hour workshop, you’ll walk away with a streamlined process for onboarding your new copywriting clients quickly and easily.

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Can we be honest? Onboarding each client is taking up a lot more of your time than you thought it would!


Chances are, you never build this extra time into the price of your service, and you’re definitely not building in enough time during your week to take care of this while still serving your other clients.


Here’s a little truth bomb …


You’re making it harder on yourself than it needs to be! You won’t reclaim your evenings and weekends without having an onboarding process, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

You Need A Simplified Onboarding Solution To Take that Admin Work Off Your Plate


And I know you don’t have a lot of time to do this, so I’ve put together a 4-hour workshop where we’ll do it together!


Yep, I’ll be there with you, guiding you along the way so you don’t get stuck and have this process drag out a few more months until you shelve it for another year because the projects just aren’t slowing down. 


You’re a rockstar copywriter and word is spreading fast! We want to keep that business coming in, but we need to protect the biggest asset in your business -- YOU -- and make sure you aren’t burning out … which means we need to get you some time to just chill out! 


You might be asking,


  • How can I create a system that works for all my clients' unique needs?
  • How can I save time when there is so much information I need to gather from my prospects?
  • How can I increase the amount of business I take on, without overworking myself?
  • How can I make this year my most profitable year yet?


If you’re ready for the answer to these questions, then you need a streamlined onboarding process that is easy to implement.


This is your opportunity to start this year in a different place.  You can quit piecing the backend of your business together with bubble gum or duct tape. It’s time to really show your brilliance and put it into an easy to implement process so you can continue to WOW your clients with not only your dazzling copy, but also how EASY it is to work with you (without spending 24/7 in your inbox).

The Onboarding Solution: A Workshop for Copywriters Strapped for Time and Sick of Reinventing the Wheel

Here’s exactly what we’re going to cover … 

  1. How to take everything you offer and create packages that best serve your clients
  2. What does your onboarding look like? Where can we optimize it?
  3. Optimizing your systems (whether you use a CRM or not)
  4. Putting it all together from A-Z


DATE: February 12, 2021


LOCATION: Zoom (details will be sent via email)


And as a BONUS you will get access to the Manage the Mayhem Challenge videos so you can be fully prepared to get the most out of the workshop (value $47).


After participating in the workshop, you’ll:

  • Get really clear on what services you’re going to offer going forward and how they best serve your clients needs.
  • Finally be able to onboard your clients in less than 1 hour because you’ll have all the pieces figured out and streamlined
  • Be able to attract high quality clients because you’re current clients will sell your services for you (now that working with you is so EASY on top of your rockstar copy)
  • Have a rinse and repeat process that makes bringing in new clients a breeze!


Ready to streamline your onboarding process?

The Onboarding Solution is right for you if …

You currently spend more than 1 hour to onboard a new client

You are creating customized proposals and service packages for each new client you sign


You’d like to bring in more business, but just don’t have the time!

The idea of “processes” and “systems” makes you break out in hives because you just don’t know where to start

In a nutshell, The Onboarding Solution is for you if you don’t have a lot of time to bring in new business, but you love the work you do and just can’t imagine scaling back. Let’s scale back the admin, not the clients.

Evelyn Fuson - Kristen Westcott Media

I think that your genuine care combined with your gift of streamlining and clarifying what feels jumbled or complicated is such a beautiful thing. You've always been a great source of simplifying and streamlining processes and systems into easy-to-understand steps. I need 10 of you to get me grounded!! I've learned so much from you, but what I really loved was your advice to look for the results you want to provide and not to make it overcomplicated.

-Evelyn Fuson, Mindset Mentor and Coach

Dannielle Lecointe - Kristen Westcott Media

Working with you has inspired me to think differently about my business. As a creative thinker, it's made it even more fun on how I can pull thing together and made the word strategy, fun! You've also made things that I've found difficult, simple to understand. You always have a way. I feel like you are about to figure out how to make things work and simplify them to an enjoyable state.

Dannielle Lecointe, Creative Entrepreneur


FYI there are No Refunds for this workshop!
If you can’t attend live we’ll make sure you get the replay and all the templates you need to work through it on your timetable.