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Permission to Grow Your Business the Way YOU Want

Permission to Grow Your Business the Way YOU Want



Hey everyone, Kristen here from Kristenwestcott.com and today I wanna talk to you about something that has been driving me crazy in the online space. And it just seems to be getting worse each year. 


I don't know about you but I’m kinda tired of scrolling through social media and reading all sorts of posts and claims about how you MUST use a particular tactic to grow your business.


  • You need a micro offer with a funnel behind it
  • In order to reach your audience you need to be running Facebook ads
  • You don’t have a group? Oh well then how are you going to grow your business?
  • You just have to get on Clubhouse >> it’s how you grow your instagram following. I made $13k in a weekend there.
  • Why are you bothering with those low ticket offers, it takes so much effort to sell them, why not use it for a high ticket program.
  • Create a course
  • >>Start a membership
  • >>Write a book
  • >>Start a YouTube channel 
  • >>or a podcast
  • >>Speak on virtual stages

It’s coming at you from all directions!

Well just take a breath because what I’m about to tell you is going to change your life! 

You are the boss of you and your business! 

You get to decide how to grow your business. 

You get to decide what strategy to try. Stop asking others for permission to run your business the way you want! 

They’re not living your life, you are. Only you know what energizes you and what drains you. Only you know how much time you have to devote to your business each day or week

Only you know what other responsibilities you have going on in your life.

Only you know how much money you have to invest into your business right now.

I’m tired of this hustle culture telling us we need to be working 24/7 to do all the things in order to see growth. I’m tired of seeing the posts promising 6-figures in 90 days or having a 6-figure launch their first time. 

I’m tired of seeing other business owners head towards burnout as they try to do all those things:

Deliver high-quality content weekly (with properly researched hashtags and seo) and repurpose it on multiple platforms (and if it’s on your website it better be mobile friendly and with pretty images), and you need to add sub-titles because no one watches video with the sound on. 

Did you add the social share buttons? No - well you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. 

Deep breath again!

You get to ignore this chatter! 

Yes several of these things work >> but guess what? 

You don’t have to do them all to have a successful, thriving business. You get to CHOOSE what works for you and what model is best for you! 

Some people LOVE the 1:1 work and others love big groups and events. You get to decide what you like and build your business YOUR way. 

You don’t HAVE TO be on a particular platform. 

You don’t HAVE TO offer a certain type of service >> You get to pick.

And here’s why this is so important. If you continue to follow what everyone else is telling you to do a couple of things are going to happen:


  1. You’re going to end up on the path to burnout. Because unless you have a big team behind you, you can’t do everything everyone suggests. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and you’ll get worn out and ill. The people that appear to be doing everything have big teams supporting them behind the scenes, they’re not doing it all (even if they’re not showing you that). And 
  2. One day you’re going to wake up and wonder what it is you’re doing. You wont enjoy your business or your life and you’ll dread getting up to “go to the office”. If that’ the life you wanted you would’ve stuck with a corporate job (and probably had more time off!). You need to build a business that is in alignment with your passion, your values, and your strengths. When you build a business that you’re in alignment with, you have more energy (which also makes you more productive), you have more passion, more ideas, you’re lit up about what you’re doing and it shows, making you more magnetic to your audience.



The secret to growing your business isn’t in any specific strategy; it's in picking strategies that are in alignment with you so that you can bring your best every day.

So if for some reason you’re waiting for permission to grow your business they way YOU want >> this is it >> permission granted. Now stop asking others for permission and do things your way! 

So now, your action step for this video is to think about what it is you’ve been doing because you thought you had to, and what would you rather do. When you’ve figured that out send me a DM and tell me what you’re going to do to get back in alignment and grow your business YOUR way. I look forward to hearing from you in my DMs.