2022 Profit Planning
Virtual Retreat

A 1-Day Virtual Group Intensive to Set Your Business Goals, Layout A Strategic Plan, and Dominate Your Business in 2022!

(Especially for female service providers who desire a MEGA-PROFITABLE year!)

Hosted by Kristen Westcott,

Business Growth & Systems Strategist

Live on November 12th, 2021
@ 10am EST// 7 am PST


During The 2022 Profit Planning Virtual Retreat, You Will

Map Out Your Entire Year and Layout Key Dates & Actions to Reach Your Revenue Goals

If 2020 & 2021 taught us anything, it's how necessary pivoting is for business.

In just 1 single day, I will help you create a fail-proof plan for 2022.

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In just 4 strategic hours, together we will:

  • Build a clear revenue plan with a strategy based on metrics to ensure you can reach your goals even if you’ve never successfully navigated a formal goal before.


  • Give you the confidence and clarity so you can scale faster without feeling like you will be spending a lot more time at your desk.


  • Create a simplified data tracking system in your business so you can make more informed decisions quicker and easier with my proven method. 


  • Design a clear content plan so you can make the greatest impact and reach YOUR ideal audience without spending all day on social media.


  • Finally, check off projects and dreams you never thought you had time to work on so you can feel more inspired about your work and purpose instead of always living with FOMO.


  • Map out a laser-focused lead generation plan that will work itself all year long so you can spend your time doing more important things while the leads roll in like clockwork.

It’s time to take action and stop waiting “this” out.

Whitney McNeil

"As a visionary, I’m creative but not the best at organization.

Kristen implemented systems and processes into my business that made hiring a team easy and manageable.

Her genius has freed up my time so I can focus on income-generating opportunities and what I love instead of trivial tasks that suck my time and drain my energy.

Kristen’s superpower is seeing how things can be run more efficiently and hiring her is the best decision I’ve made as I’ve grown my business. I feel relief, less stress, and trust in her processes 100% and love having her as my integrator. I no longer procrastinate on growing my team because we have systems in place that make it easy."

-Whitney McNeil

Messenger of Spirit

We all need to hit the restart button...

2020 & 2021 threw many of my clients for a loop and had me shifting gears and leveraging my years of expertise and training to help them navigate the challenges. I worked with my clients to help them move and expand their businesses online, launch programs and courses, and systemize for success - so that 2020/2021 was an opportunity for GROWTH.

By doing this, I knew I wanted to help even more women... so here we are, ready to ROCK 2022 - together.

This Virtual Planning Retreat is Exactly What You Need IF YOU Want a Successful 2022!


The year is almost at a close, and it has gone by faster than we could keep up with.

You know you need to figure out the next steps in your business, and you know you want this next year to feel a lot less stressful.

Now you can do that - and you can get it all planned and mapped out WITH the support of an operations manager that will dive in with you to figure out the best plan to build for you to take your biggest steps NOW!

The Strategic Growth Mastermind
Jessica Butts

"Hiring Kristen to my team as our DOO was the best decision I have made for my business in YEARS!

Before Kristen, I was scrambling, making rash decisions and didn’t have an effective plan and in less than 6 months I have cut expenses dramatically, have a CLEAR plan for marketing and launching and have 100% stepped into the visionary role in my business, which is truly the best part!

We run like a well-oiled machine now as she is truly the integrator which allows me so much more freedom to be the visionary! Having her on the team is simply life-changing. I am so grateful I took the leap and have let her lead and do her thing...because she is brilliant at it."


Creator of Front Seat Life™

Why THIS Planning Retreat?

Most planning events focus on the group as a whole with little in-depth or one on one support. You go in with a list of stuff to do and videos to watch - and have to figure it all out for yourself.


That is where the 2022 Profit Planning retreat is TOTALLY different.


As a Director of Operations, I know how important it is to get inside and see everything you are working with to make a real difference. That's why during our retreat, I am jumping in WITH you so we can see how to plan your goals based on where YOU are right now.


No more rigid planning "rules" or confusion. This retreat is all-inclusive, right down to the personal support.

Build Your Business on a Strong Foundation That Won’t Crumble No Matter What.

Here’s How We’ll Work Together

  • (1) 4-Hour Live Planning Workshop Via Zoom 
  • Bonus Time for Live Q&A 
  • Small Breakout Rooms for Extra Support


We won’t be talking about tips and tricks to get a huge following on Instagram during our planning times. 


No, we are working through your systems, operations, and what goals you want your business to make in 2022 so you can get them on the calendar and start bringing each milestone to life.


You have to be willing to set aside the time to attend this retreat as you would if we are meeting in person. Do the prep work, make yourself unavailable, and get ready to invest real time and energy into giving yourself and your business a strategy to propel your year forward faster and easier.


If you can do that, then click on the button below -

together we are going to build a plan that will make 2022 the year of YOU.

The Profit Plan Itinerary

We’ll dive right into planning during our 4-hour live workshop via Zoom, and you’ll get even more time to ask questions and get answers to make your planning a breeze. Plus, you’ll get access to breakout rooms for small group support.

We reserve the right to adjust the times and schedule at any time before or during the event.


Plus, to make sure your plan is primed for success, I am throwing in some bonus supplemental materials that are invaluable shortcuts to proven results!

Bonus #1

Bonus Images for Sales Page

Workbook & Revenue Calculator

When you know exactly what you want to make and how to actually do it, growing your business gets easier and goals become more possible to reach! I’m giving you my in-depth workbook and revenue calculator to help you grow and scale with ease!

Bonus #2

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 2.50.09 PM

Digital Promo Planning Packet

I want you to get TOP results online and that means more visibility and better engagement! That’s why I’m giving you my digital promo planning calendar to make promotions 10x easier for you (with way more results)!

Teresa Cleveland

"Ease is my word/theme for 2020. Connecting with Kristen Westcott to do my quarterly Strategic Mapping has brought exactly that to my operations! Along with ease came clarity, momentum and freedom.

Kristen is extremely adept at nailing down the details and making sure that everything aligns with my vision. She definitely helped nip a few shiny objects in the bud and was mindful that there were not more activities and goals than we could actually achieve within the quarter.

If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally make the progress you've been dreaming of, I highly recommend talking with Kristen!"


Online Business Development & Operations Specialist

Kristen Westcott

Why Should I Help You Plan?

Hi, I'm Kristen Westcott, a business growth and systems strategist who has spent the last decade in the legal and education fields supporting leaders and students in the areas of goal setting, productivity, and project management.

After recognizing my true passion lies in serving entrepreneurs, I honed my skills as a Director of Operations- and quickly noticed that what was holding many business owners back wasn’t a lack of drive or ability, but a lack of foundational systems that could support the day-to-day operations of a scaling business. 

These days, I spend my time helping online coaches, copywriters, and course creators scale without the frustration that massive growth often brings.

When you work with me, I help you focus on the right things that will allow you to scale and approach each day with excitement!

You will no longer be guessing where to focus your time and energy. Instead, you will feel renewed and eager to grow your business the way you’ve always dreamed of!




You get that from having a solid plan in place, and I will help you create it.

Don’t let the year run out before you figure what your next move is going to be. You can have the business and income you have been dreaming of bringing in - if you figure out how, when, and what you need to do to make it happen.

Take a day, nail it down, and let things start to flow!

2022 Profit Planning Virtual Retreat

A 1-Day Virtual Group Intensive to

Set Your Business Goals, Layout A Strategic Plan,

and Dominate Your Business in 2022!

(Especially for female service providers who desire a MEGA-PROFITABLE year!)

Kristen Westcott

Hosted by Kristen Westcott,

Business Growth & Systems Strategist

Live on November 12th, 2021
@ 10am EST// 7 am PST


Have a Question?


Is this planning workshop really right for me? 

It depends. If you are ready to set aside a day to mapping out and prepping your next year. If you are ready to do the work involved - then yes, this is for you.


I am very involved with my group of attendees, and I want to make sure everyone gets what they came for. So, if you are just looking to binge content on planning - this won’t be it.


I'm not the most organized person. Will this really help?


YES! This retreat is designed for the disorganized procrastinator in all of us. A lack of organization is why I decided to offer this workshop in the first place.


Even if you are disorganized right now, you can still spend a day getting things in order with a plan of how to keep it that way. No experience is required.


Can I get a refund, or is there a money-back guarantee?


Once your spot is confirmed, there are no refunds, but if you show up, do the work, and stay focused - you will walk away with a laser-focused plan of action to take into the new year.


And if you follow that plan, you will see tremendous results in your business.


I want to make a plan, but do you offer this service 1:1?


YES! My spots for 1:1 planning are limited, but you can schedule a call with me to talk about what your needs are and if I am the one to help you resolve them. Email me to schedule a complimentary call.