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Get Your Time Back with the Simplified Quarterly Planning Kit for Entrepreneurs

Simplified Quarterly Planning Kit by Kristen Westcott

Feel like you're too busy to plan?

You started your business with creativity and passion, but does it feel like a mess right now? Maybe you’re stuck in that entrepreneurial catch-22: you’re working way too many hours but you don’t have a moment to spare for planning that will get the mess under control. 

You’re not even sure that planning fits the creative nature of your business, anyway… meanwhile, you’re scrambling to stay on top of things, rapidly burning out, and just can’t find the time you need to work on your business.

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” —Dale Carnegie

Instead, what if you had systems in place that freed up your time to pursue the creative part of the business that you love?


Instead of being reactive from day to day, what if you could block time to accomplish necessary tasks while still accomplishing your big projects and long-term goals?


What if you found a way to work on the right things at the right time—without losing revenue or taking away from client work?


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The Simplified Quarterly Planning Kit will give you back your time and help you achieve your goals.


This seven-step process will help you get from zero to ready without burning you out—you’ll get back your time and be able to work more efficiently.


Some people, especially creative entrepreneurs, are really resistant to planning because they’re afraid it’s too structured or will lock them into doing it a certain way. In reality, planning gives you permission to focus on what works and leaves more for creativity and pursuing new ideas.


Maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother? I’ve tried planning in the past and I just never stick to it,” or “What’s the point in planning? Look at what happened in 2020.”  Well, think of it this way: the businesses that had a plan in place were easily able to pivot versus those that didn’t who were left scrambling. As a business strategist who works strictly with online coaches and service providers, I’ve worked with all personalities and adopted these systems for them.

Rose Lounsbury

“Kristen has a knack for very quickly identifying the core issue and creating a very simple plan to solve it. She creates solutions that fit your business and I never feel like I’m just following some type of template. I was able to see how vital it is to outsource work and get it off my plate so I can be in my genius zone more often. And I hired my first VA based which helped me go into my course launch with much more confidence and less stress.”

Rose Lounsbury

Keynote speaker, Author, Simplicity Coach


Signature Quarterly Planning Process by Kristen Westcott
  • Step 1: Review Previous Quarter (at least one quarter, ideally two quarters, what’s happened in those quarters, start seeing trends, what’s worked/what hasn’t worked, what has shifted)
  • Step 2: Set Your Quarterly Goals (revenue goal or impact goal, or consistency goal, the goal should make them just a little bit uncomfortable, maximum 3 goals with 1 primary)
  • Step 3: Set Your Milestones and Projects (break down goals into milestones and action steps, setting bigger milestones and check-in points, make sure you’re not putting too much on your plate)
  • Step 4: Break Milestones into Action Plan (smaller steps and pieces needed to hit milestones)
  • Step 5: Make a list of support they’ll need for quarter (membership, mastermind, enlisting support at home, creative support such as copywriter or designer; also consider # 1 reason you’ll likely get derailed and how to prevent)
  • Step 6: Set things up to track metrics on those goals (using the metrics tracker)
  • Step 7: Get all dates in calendar and project management system, schedule time every day to review (bonus - find someone to hold you accountable)
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"Kristen has helped me focus my monkey mind. I have big ideas and big goals and she knows I need a solid foundation to build those goals. Even if that tasks seems enormous, she helps you break it into manageable chunks that move you toward your big goal, rather than spinning your wheels and not moving forward."

Christy Lingo

Mom Productivity Coach

The Simplified Quarterly Planning Kit includes

7 Video Lessons

7 lesson videos that take you through each step of the process so you can build a plan without overwhelming your schedule

Comprehensive Workbook

A comprehensive workbook to help you understand and apply each lesson to your business

Special Bonuses

PLUS 5 bonus tools that make it easy to stick to your plan and operate more efficiently (valued at $185!)

For a limited time, I’m offering the Simplified Quarterly Planning Kit for only $27— more than 70% off the regular price of $97.

And here are the five amazing bonuses you get with the kit!

Asana Video Tutorial

Bonus 1:

Additional Lesson on How to Set Up Quarterly Planning Board in Asana (valued at $37)

Metrics Dashboard

Bonus 2:

Metrics Tracking Spreadsheet + Video walkthrough (valued at $47)

Content Planner

Bonus 3:

Quarterly Content Planner PDF or Google Sheet (valued at $27)

Profit Calculator

Bonus 4:

Revenue Calculator (valued at $47)

Visibility Challenge

Bonus 5:

30-Day Visibility Challenge (valued at $27)

Jessica Butts

"Before Kristen, I was scrambling, making rash decisions and didn’t have an effective plan and now I’ve cut expenses dramatically, have a CLEAR plan for marketing and launching and have 100% stepped into the visionary role in my business, which is truly the best part! We run like a well-oiled machine now!"


Creator of Front Seat Life™

Plan Your Quarter for Success + Grab the Kit for Only $27