Scattered to Focused 

Successfully Launch your next project with confidence (Overwhelm not included)

Does this sound like you?


  • Spend all day spinning your wheels trying to accomplish everything on your mile-long to-do list
  • Every time you take one step forward then you realize you have 30 more steps before you can get to the next piece
    Struggle with implementing your big ideas
  • Are frustrated that everything is just scattered all over the place
  • Know you should be working on your next project, but it’s so overwhelming that you just push it off until next week, and post cute cat pictures on Instagram instead
  • Want to accomplish more, experience freedom and growth in your business…


… And get your time back!

How to finish the year strong

If you’re ready to unchain yourself from your laptop and get back to enjoying the business you created  my Scattered to Focused Worksheet Bundle is just the thing to take you from working in your business to working on your business.


(And we all need to be spending more time working on our business to reach our business goals).


In this document, you’ll get access to my Scattered to Focused Worksheet Bundle: The Project Planner, The Project Template, and The Daily Momentum Planner.

Brainstorm your way to success with The Project Planner:

The Project Planner provides a detailed look at your next project. Gain the clarity needed to move forward confidently with easy-to-use checklists that makes implementation a breeze.


Manage your team and project expectations by visually connecting your tasks to their anticipated time commitments needed to  seamlessly execute your project.


Design a master plan centered on your main objectives so it doesn’t seem like there are too many moving parts (breathe that sigh of relief right now)


Once you see all the pieces you’ll know where you need support and can line up your contractors without paying rush fees or getting turned down causing you to have to squeeze that work into your week too

Map out your milestones with ease using the Project Timeline

Getting caught up in the creation process sometimes leaves us running around without enough time to actually market the thing, so your grand ideas aren’t seen by your audience the way they could be (hello night before the challenge starts frantic Instagram Storier, I’m looking at you).


This Project Timeline is a powerhouse tool when used with The Project Planner. Take that big picture idea that you have and break it down into milestones with dates so you can keep it on track and not be scrambling 2 weeks before you launch it to your audience.


This one page visual of your entire project will allow you to see what phase you need to be in to complete things by your deadline.  When you know this, you can easily meet your deadlines without missing the “little things” that matter (like the link to your webinar 🤦‍♀️).

Are you ready for a Director of Operations? (An Integrator)

Make every day your most productive with the Daily Momentum Planner. 

The Daily Momentum Planner is designed to take you from “flying by the seat of your pants” to laser-focused:


  • Prioritize your focus on revenue-generating activities to eliminate busywork that leaves you wondering where your day went
  • Assess your energy levels on tasks so you can delegate future low-energy tasks to team members or figure out a better time in your week or month to complete these tasks
  • Jot down smaller tasks and notes to tackle after your day’s main objectives so you never lose another genius idea


Imagine if you could minimize “shiny object syndrome” by:

  • creating focused daily outcomes,
  • seeing how much you’re trying to squeeze into your day, and
  • rewriting your objectives so that you can confidently conquer all the important tasks --- big and small.

Using these documents combined, you’ll have all the tools to confidently move through projects and see what needs to happen when.


Conquer overwhelm and welcome productivity into your business so you finish each day feeling accomplished and excited for the next days tasks...Sorry, #catsofInstagram


“This definitely beats my post-it notes! I can’t imagine planning my days or my next launch without these worksheets. If you’re on the fence, get them! This system is a no-brainer”

-Briànna Camacho, Owner Brianna Sexton and Company

If you’re ready to take back your time in your business, download the Scattered to Focused Worksheet Bundle today!

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