Copywriting services

So you’re ready to get your new offer out there! Congratulations on taking action!

And, you’re kinda busy - I get it. You’ve got client work, a small but mighty team to manage, social media engagement to keep up with and there just never seems like enough time to get the copy written.

You’re stuck in a catch 22 


You want to decrease your client load, but need the revenue from this new offer to offset the decrease in client revenue. AND you don’t have time to get this new offer out there because of the number of clients you have … it can be a frustrating position to be in.

I’m here to take some of the most time-consuming aspects of getting your offer “out there” off your plate.

Through a simple and streamlined process to copy and strategy, I’ve got your back. What a relief!

testimonial Loved the copy
the 30 minutes you spent with me were priceless

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Select your copy package
  2. Fill out your pre-work
  3. Hop on a copy connection call
  4. Receive copy that sounds like you, will connect with your audience, and drive sales of your new offer

Here’s How We Can Work Together

VIP week

Did your launch date sneak up on you?

You meant to get that copy written, but it just kept getting pushed off and now your launch date is too close and you need a FAST turnaround.

Then the VIP week is what you need.


Maybe you are just SO excited about your new offer and don’t want to wait until next quarter to get it out there.

1 week until you make money.

This could be your reality!

Options for your VIP week include:

  • Sales page + promotion emails (sales sequence)
  • Masterclass landing page, invite sequence and show up sequence
  • Challenge landing page, invite sequence, daily emails


Other things you can add on to your VIP week:

  • Social media copy
  • Sales page video script
  • Additional email sequences


And all VIP weeks include a launch calendar and

a 3-hour Copy Connection Call! 

Investment starts at $5,000

Need only one element of copy (i.e. a sales page. I do offer VIP Days for $2,500 USD. Click the link above to talk about your copy needs).

Personalized Messaging Mentoring + Copy

Not quite ready to write that copy yet? Need some help figuring out your customer journey, your messaging, your framework and all the other pieces that need to be in place for the copy to be written? 

I’m your gal! As a former Director of Ops (aka Integrator), I’ve worked with many business owners on developing their offers and getting them out there into the world!


We can work together over the course of 12 weeks to pull it all together …

Here’s what we’ll cover in our time together:

  • Your vision and how this offer fits into that vision (ie your offer suite)
  • Your values (because this is what makes you unique in the online space)
  • Getting clear on your ideal clients' frustrations and how you can solve them with this specific offer
  • Your offers and how they all tie together to make a streamlined customer journey
  • Your messaging
  • Your framework and how to articulate what you do in your offer
  • Pull out stories you didn’t know you had in you

And then I write the copy for your sales page for you

(this is what sets me apart from other mentors)


You leave our time together with clarity on how to talk about your offers to your audience. A unique brand messaging in your voice (no more imitating others) and the offer sales page copy all ready to go!

ready to book your copy package?