Cut Hours with ClickUp


A stellar project management system that helps you

grow your business without burning out


Stop with the 7 day work weeks and reinventing the wheel for all your projects

With your ClickUp VIP Day we’re skipping the stress and

solving your problem right NOW 



Streamline Your Process

Simplify Your System

Implement Your Custom Plan

The fact is, you’ve made it to 6 figures, but you probably aren’t set up to grow the way you want to...

  • You've buried yourself in 60+ hour weeks, leaving little time to do anything other than managing your client load and the mess of files, post-it reminders, and to-do lists. 
  • You’re lacking systems and organization - spending half the day trying to find the information you need to put in that email or client project.
  • And, you can't remember the last time you posted on your social accounts, or what you even put up there … it’s all a blur at the moment.

You’re  overwhelmed and feeling frustrated because you so badly just need a break. You’ve probably also wondered if it’s possible for the human brain to actually explode from trying to retain all the information you’re stuffing in there.

It’s ok, I’ve got you. 

VIP Day ClickUp

You can turn things around … if you take the time to get your house in order RIGHT NOW (if you didn’t put it together - ClickUp is your proverbial house in this scenario).

You know what you’re doing - so now let’s talk about how you can keep business flowing in without draining you of all you’ve got (and constantly having to put out fires). 

I’m here to support you by introducing you to time-saving (and migraine-saving) systems and processes to tighten up the backend of your business so it runs without you even lifting a finger. 

Enter ClickUp

Now listen, here’s one of those little known facts about business -- when you systemize your business - everything changes. I don’t know how my business would’ve survived this ongoing pandemic without these very same processes and workflows. I’m not just telling you what you “should do” - I live what I teach. 

As a busy, working mom of two - I would’ve been waist deep in a bathtub full of chilled white wine without ClickUp set up to assist me. 



Picture this… 


Waking up and enjoying a morning cup of HOT, steaming coffee (without needing to reheat it every 30 minutes) because you have a system in place to make sure your clients are cared for and your business is running smoothly.


Sounds better than bouncing out of bed and into your office chair, desperately scrambling to figure out what you have to do (and what you forgot), right?


I remember the first time I woke up after getting my systems straight. I didn’t even need caffeine to kick start my day! Having these systems in place was the single most important thing I ever did for my business. It saved me loads of stress, and instead - it gave me success without the ultimate sacrifice of time (or sanity).


But, if you’re sitting here thinking that can’t be possible for you - because you definitely don’t have the time to figure out ClickUp OR get it set up in a way that works for your business - let me help.


I want to show you the way, and be the CRITICAL SUPPORT you so desperately need in your business right now.


Cut Hours with ClickUp

Your VIP Day Experience

A VIP Day Dedicated to Streamlining Your Business Systems and Strengthening The Biggest Weak Spots So You Can Finally Free Up Your Time and Scale With Ease. 


Wondering how other business owners manage to keep things running without dropping the ball on their client work? 


They have a well set up project management system


We’ll create your system to track all the details so you can focus on your client work and not have to keep all the details of #allthethings in the back of your head. 


The set up takes the longest - once it’s done you can easily run the day-to-day of your business with ease. So let me help you get ClickUp all set up. 

Abby Herman

She truly set us up for success

"Kristen and her team were able to seamlessly transition my project management system from Dubsado and Trello over to ClickUp so my team could function more efficiently. She did all the heavy lifting and taught my team and I how to use the features we needed most. She was incredibly easy to work with, responsive and quick. She truly set us up for success!"

Abby Herman ~ Content Strategist and Coach

You’ve been thinking it will take months to make any real progress in your business…


But when you partner WITH a no-fluff all-action business growth strategist and systems expert who actually CARES about you and your business, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a day.


Yes, One. Single. Day.


Think about how awesome it would be to sit down with me and in a pre-planned, pre-prepped VIP Day and have an organized, easy to navigate project management platform (ClickUp) all set up and ready to use so you can start saving time, without figuring out how to set it all up. 


Forget fumbling around for weeks trying to get everything set up and streamlined. We’ll figure out the best way to set up ClickUp so it works for you and have it all done that day.


This is completely possible and easily doable when you have the right partner.


This VIP Experience is a meticulously laid out and pre-planned day meant to get the most productivity out of our time together.


What can we do together in a day?




Together we create your ClickUp Hierarchy (workspace, spaces, projects and lists as well as your statuses and all the small details that will make ongoing management of your ClickUp a breeze)




Here’s where the rubber meets the road. I’ll get to work setting up your ongoing task list, and packages/offerings with all the tasks and sub-tasks and links




The final step is to determine the best way to set up your Dashboard and Automations so you can streamline your workflows and spend less time managing your project management system.

Kristen helped me figure out where to find time

I was continuously struggling to find time to work on my business while managing a fulltime job and family.  

Kristen helped me figure out where to find time to fit in pieces that will help me build my business and move it forward.  Kristen is a great listener and encourager and helped me to see that I can shift things around when they do not work for me any longer.  

I don’t have to keep doing things the same way.  Finding time to fit in the most important things can be tough, but Kristen helped me to plug in the non-negotiables so I could add in the items that need to get done as well.


Joy L. Vincent ~ Health Coach

Joy Vincent

You can get started and transform your business in a single day.

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Only 4 VIP days open up each month, and spots are booking out fast, so don’t wait to apply.

Why ClickUp?

There are many project management systems that do a great job organizing basic tasks, but they have limited task management abilities. There are SO many reasons why I love ClickUp!
  • You can have unlimited projects and unlimited users on their free plan (and if you upgrade to their paid plan it’s $5 per user - less than other project management platforms)
  • Everyone can use a different view that works best for them (list, board, calendar, timeline, box, table, workload, activity, Gantt, etc.) and you can toggle through it with a single click.
  • The hierarchy allows you to hare permissions at varying levels so only the people you want to have access to that information will have it (keeps your clients confidentiality)
  • You can convert a comment within a task to a separate task and assign it to someone.
  • You can assign the same task to multiple people who might need to collaborate on it AND set priorities for your tasks so your team knows which is the most important to get done (super helpful when you have a week where life happens and you’re short on time)
  • You can easily set up custom task statuses for each project (because sometimes to-do and done just aren’t enough)
  • You can make the same change to a number of tasks all at once with their multi-task management feature
  • “Me” mode allows you to filter out everyone else’s tasks and just focus on what you need to get done
  • You can set task dependencies so things get done in the right order
  • You can create documents directly in ClickUp (with rich text editing) so you don’t have to go searching for team agenda items (it also has the capacity to create mind maps)
  • You can track time right in ClickUp
  • It has a desktop and mobile app
  • The Dashboard feature allows you to gather the information you need in one place for a quick look
I could go on and on — but you get the gist - it is a POWERHOUSE system that will help you streamline your project and team management whether you’re just starting or building your empire.

How does it work?


With this package, you have my full attention for one working day. We’ll decide what exactly we’re going to work on and get the material I need prepared beforehand so we can get straight to work the day of.


I’m a systems gal so you gotta know that I run these VIP experiences like a well-oiled machine.


With pre-planning sessions and action plans - we won't be chit-chatting the day way. While I promise to make it fun and enjoyable for you, there is work to be done.  As long as you bring your A-game, mine is on the table and ready to give you the solutions, results, and actions steps you need to achieve your goals.


Booking your VIP day is simple:

Step 1: Fill Out Your Application

The application is super simple. We just need to make sure we’re a good match!


Then I’ll send you over a contract, invoice and intake questionnaire


Once those are completed you’ll book a kick-off call.

Step 2: Prep Work

I’ll send over some more prep work for you to fill in so we can maximize our time together on the scheduled VIP day.


This is where you get to tell me about your business (because no 2 businesses have the exact same way of doing things).

Step 3: Kick-off Call

I’ll review your prep work before our kick-off call and make note on any questions I have for you. 


We’ll get on the phone before your day to make sure your goals and the details are nailed down. 


Then we get the party started!

Not sure we can get it all done in one day? Prepare to be amazed!

Kristen Westcott

You don’t have to keep muddling through everything all the time.


You got into the business because you had a dream, a passion, and you wanted to live a life that allowed you to express it - not to spend every waking hour of the day (and night) trying to pick through pieces of systems with no real strategy or planning in mind.


I already showed you what we can get done in a day; there is no more confusion on how you will get it all done - it's all about when you want to do it.

You can get started and transform your business in a single day.

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Only 1 day opens up a week, and spots are booking out fast, so don’t wait to apply.
Teresa Cleveland

If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally make the progress you've been dreaming of, I highly recommend talking with Kristen!

Kristen is extremely adept at nailing down the details and making sure that everything aligns with my vision. She definitely helped nip a few shiny objects in the bud and was mindful that there were not more activities and goals than we could actually achieve within the quarter.

 I have some great ideas for what I want to accomplish next quarter and can't wait to map it out with Kristen.

If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally make the progress you've been dreaming of, I highly recommend talking with Kristen!"

 Teresa Cleveland ~ Online Business Development & Operations Specialist

Not Sure if a VIP Day is what you need?

Here are some of the more common questions I get that clear it up:

You've waited long enough; it's time to take action and get a strategic partner on your side because you might be at 6 figures - but you're just getting started.

Make sure your business is set up for your success as you go!

“Thank you for the golden nugget you offered me in our session together. If you can give one person one piece of advice - one golden nugget. That golden nugget really is gold. I'm staying with that plan and it's freeing up so much space in my life.” 

- Candice Hozza ~ Spiritual Strategist and Business Intuitive.

Candice Hozza