Quarterly Planning Workshop

Don’t miss out on the Next Quarterly Planning Workshop!

Quarterly Planning Workshop

1-day to get your next quarter all mapped out

Don’t leave your goals existing only as dreams


You can …

✨Make shiny object syndrome a thing of the past - you’ll be clear on your focus for that quarter and committed to see it through

✨Know what opportunities are the right fit for you right now (rarely are they a one time only kinda thing -- know what to focus on now and what to put off until later)

✨Start seeing momentum towards those bigger goals

✨Have a step-by-step action plan to carry you through the next 3 months. Imagine knowing what to do each week to move you towards your bigger goals

✨Wave goodbye to overwhelm because you haven’t packed too many things into one quarter

… All this is possible when you take the time to create a strategic plan for your bigger vision!

In this 1-Day Strategic Planning Workshop we will:

  • Reverse engineer your quarter based on your bigger vision for your business. We’ll look at your dreams and goals and make sure that your projects are in alignment with these goals and don’t take your further away from your dreams. We’ll get those distractions under control so you can really set yourself up for success
  • Break down those bigger, overwhelming projects into smaller steps and tasks and create an action plan that keeps you moving forward.  Consistently taking smaller steps is what’s going to help you get to that bigger goal, but sometimes you just don’t know what those steps are. Together we’ll break down that project into smaller steps that you can fit into your week. 
  • Determine where you’re focusing your time and energy and whether that focus is in alignment with your bigger vision. We’ll look at the 7 strategic objectives in your business and determine which 3 will be your focus for the next quarter. 

It’s time to get off that hamster wheel and make some forward progress in your business!


Let’s create your Focused Action plan for the next 30-60-90 days in your business so that you can

  • Grow your revenue - because you’re running a business not a hobby!
  • Cut your hours - say bye-bye to working 7 days a week!
  • Stay consistent in serving your community or audience - so they don’t forget about you when they’re ready for your support.


Let me be clear. While I love a good vision board happy hour, that is not what this workshop is all about. During our time together we really get into action and map out your quarter with some strategy, structure and systems so you can finally see that growth you’ve been looking for.


You don’t need another online course or another set of $27 templates to gather dust in your cloud storage.


You don’t need more post-it notes around your office reminding you of your goals


You don't need more knowledge or content to consume!!!


What you need is to get in action! Start to implement all that knowledge you have in your lovely head!


You’re an entrepreneur - there is never a shortage of ideas or dreams in your head. You know how to dream big and you may even jump in with both feet on your latest big idea … but then client work builds up, you take on another project, your calendar gets overbooked, you are caught up in your mile long to-do list … LIFE happens … and then your big idea gets pushed aside, and your excitement about it starts to dwindle … maybe it even gets forgotten.


I completely understand (I have many ideas of my own!) and I’m here to help!

Kristen Westcott

Hi, I’m Kristen,


And I'm an online entrepreneur just like you! As a Business Growth and Systems Strategist, I love working with other entrepreneurs to help them scale their business, so they can reach their goals without burning out!


I’ll help you streamline your business and systematize your workflows so you can spend less time on admin tasks and more time serving your clients. Through working together, we will create actionable plans that provide peace and confidence that the right things are getting done to propel you towards growth!


When you work with me, I help you focus on the right things that will allow you to scale and approach each day with excitement!


You will no longer be guessing where to focus your time and energy. Instead, you will feel renewed and eager to grow your business the way you’ve always dreamed of!




I spent the last decade in the legal and education fields supporting leaders and students in the areas of goal setting, productivity, and project management. After recognizing my true passion lies in serving entrepreneurs, I honed my skills as a Director of Operations (more commonly known as an Integrator). 


As my business began to grow, and I started working with more entrepreneurs, I quickly started to notice that what was holding many business owners back wasn't a lack of drive or ability…


… it was a lack of foundational systems that could support the day-to-day operations of a scaling business. 


That's when I knew what my calling was and now spend my time helping online coaches, copywriters, and other service providers scale without the frustration that massive growth often brings

Together we can create a strategic plan that gives you smaller action steps that you can fit into your week. A plan that gives you focus so you know what to say YES to and what to say NO to (without guilt!)

If you’re ready to make this next quarter your most profitable, most focused quarter yet, I invite you to join me in the Quarterly Planning Workshop so you can really uplevel your business. 


The best part? It’s all planned out by the end of the day … it’s not like another course where you learn all the things then are on your own to put them into practice. We are doing this during this workshop. 

This is not an online conference or event. This is a working retreat. I promise you’ll walk away with a solid strategy that you can start implementing right away.

Want a peek at what you’ll be doing?


The workshop will be from 10AM - 4:30pm EST (with a break for lunch in there)

We start our day setting our intentions and sharing our mission and vision for our business and what we hope to achieve in the next year.  Then we dive right into an overview of the 7 strategic objectives of every business and start making a list of ideas under each one.


Our next session we prioritize these objectives and look at which projects or tasks we’ve listed are going to help us reach our goal for this year.  We’ll have some more time to brainstorm in breakout groups.  From there we start to allocate particular tasks to certain quarters (because not everything will fit into the next 90 days!)


Then it’s time for a lunch break - go for a walk and clear your mind because there’s going to be a lot flowing through it at this point.


When we come back together we look at what you’ve put into the next quarter and start to map out your activities in a 90 day plan - identifying the bigger tasks and the smaller steps that go along with them.


We wrap the day up by discussing what structure, systems and support we will need to stay focused on this plan and put together a list of challenges we may face or places we’re likely to fall off track and come up with a list of solutions or support we can turn to. 


An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” - (Dale Carnegie) 

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We all know we “should” be planning, but let’s be honest, it never seems to make its way to the top of the to-do list.  There are always so many other things out there vying for our attention.  


But, if you want your business to grow. 


To finally start earning the revenue you dreamed of without having to work even more hours than you already are. 


To finally stop grinding or hustling and enjoy the lifestyle you envisioned when you decided to become an entrepreneur. 


… then you need to create a strategic plan to make this happen.


You can carve out 1 day this quarter to make that happen.  Just 1 day to commit to your vision and goals for growth.


When you commit to joining the Quarterly Planning Workshop, you’re telling yourself and the universe that you're serious about making some big changes in your business and your lifestyle. 

  • You’ll create a plan for your financial growth 
  • You’ll examine the structure you have in place (both the structure of your time and your team)
  • You’ll have a look at the systems you are using (or aren’t using) and how they are impacting your growth


… and you’ll prioritize the right things for YOU in YOUR business instead of doing #allthethings you see on social media or hear from the gurus


You’ll finally break free from that frustration and overwhelm because you aren’t trying to do everything all at once or “catch up” on things you’ve put on the back burner. 


Join us for the virtual Quarterly Planning Workshop - $697

  • Get Clear on your Mission and Vision
  • Examine the 7 Strategic Objectives in your business
  • Select your focus for the year
  • Create your 90-Day Action Plan 
  • Support from Kristen Westcott
  • Breakout rooms for feedback from other amazing women
  • Electronic Workbook and Templates to save you time

VIP Upgrade - everything listed above + (1) 90-minute 1:1 follow up call with Kristen (usually booked around the 6 week mark) to help realign anything that has gone off track - $997

The workshop is limited to 35 women so I can make sure everyone gets the support they need. 

So register today before spots fill up.

Here’s what happens next...

Once you register for the workshop you will receive a Welcome email with your confirmation and details about the workshop (date/time/Zoom link, etc.)


That email will also contain information on how to prepare for the Workshop so you can make the most out of your time.  Hint: I’m going to ask you to come with your mission, big vision and goals ready to go so we can jump right in on the day of! 


We want to make sure you really are prepped and ready to rock the next quarter!


Not sure if this is right for you? Let's get on a call!

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We take accountability and integrity very seriously and are confident in the ability of this program to help you grow and improve your business. Every result varies. You need to be prepared to do the work and take responsibility for your actions and put into action the information provided. This program does not guarantee a specific amount of income increase.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at hello@kristenwestcottmedia.com