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Shannon Claire

“Kristen came into my Mastermind as a guest expert to teach my women all about systematizing their business. As a creative myself, this has always been the weakest part of my business! I mean, I can break a system just by looking at it! lol But Kristen took what can be an overwhelming subject and made it SO user-friendly. All of the women walked away from that class feeling like they could implement what she taught into their own businesses right away. I even started using her advice right away and feel so much more put together on the backend of my business (which is already giving me even more confidence!)”

Shannon Claire

Brand Photographer, Business Coach
Emily Reagan

"I  borrowed Kristen's organized, project managing-savvy brain for a guest training in my membership and she delivered! My community of VAs absolutely loved getting insight to how she lays out projects in ClickUp and all her insider knowledge when working with virtual clients. I really wanted to set my workgroup members up for success when using this platform and help them shorten the learning curve with best practices and insight from someone who actually does the work. With Kristen's teaching, I have the utmost confidence that my members will be able to replicate the tasks and attract high-caliber clients with their skills. We also have it saved so they can reference it as a resource when they're ready to use the tool. It was a win-win situation that saved me time and helped out my students!"

Emily Reagan

Digital Marketing Consultant & founder of the Digital Media VA Crash Course
alexandria taylor

"Kristen is the perfect example of an expert speaker. She knows her craft, she knows how to get people engaged even when recorded and she is mindful of your promotions. If you are considering having her as a part of your speaking engagement don't think twice about it just get her booked before somebody else does."

Alexandria Taylor

Strategic Funnels & Copywriter
Melanie Herschorn

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Kristen, who is amazing. She was a guest speaker in my program for women who are beginner entrepreneurs. And she gave them so much great information about systems that we all feel so much smarter now after the presentation. So, Kristen, thank you again so much for such an informative and enlightening talk. And I can't wait to have you back again soon.

Melanie Herschorn

Content Marketing Strategist • Coach • Speaker • Podcast Host
Andrea Jones

"Kristen Westcott was an amazing guest speaker for our mentorship program for social media mangers. Her presentation clarified how our members can approach creating systems and processes for their growing businesses. In fact, they still reference the info packed session that Kristen presented along with the resources she generously shared. If you're looking for a knowledgeable speaker, I highly recommend Kristen."

Andrea Jones

Social Media Strategist
Director of Operations
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