Operations Services

Want an OBM but can’t quite afford the $40k+ to have them lead your team?


Maybe you have a few implementers but things aren’t quite going as smoothly as you’d hoped.

Things are getting lost and project deadlines aren’t being met.

You’re not sure how to move to the next level of your business and feel like you’re running in circles.


Perhaps a hybrid option is what you need.


Working together we can get you the strategic support you need to help you grow your business, without the OBM price tag.

(and once you’re ready for an OBM I have an entire network of amazing women that I can connect you with)


We can do this in 2 different ways:

Option 1: Quarterly VIP Days to plan out your strategy for the upcoming quarter

Option 2: Ongoing business consulting

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Option 1: Focus Framework VIP Day

Ready to dive into your business with focus and intention? 


This exclusive, VIP experience allows you to get an entire, dedicated day with me where we take quick action to move you towards your goals! 


Let’s determine what the obstacle is, what you need to do next and what can wait.


You will be amazed by how much we can accomplish together in one intense, productive day!


Let’s clear the path to growth in a single day! 



Investment: $3,000

Option 2: Business Strategist Consulting Pack

Over the course of 13 calls together, we’ll:

  • Assess the current strategic objectives in your business
  • Set your metrics for you to track and review
  • Plan out your quarterly projects and goals
  • Tackle any team growing pains and plan for future hires (as needed)
  • We’ll get you back into FLOW


F - free up your time (structure)

L - leverage systems (systems)

O - own your CEO role (strategy)

W - work on your terms (sovereignty/support)


Investment: starting at $15,000 

(this is a 1 year package and payment plans are encouraged)


You and I know you don’t need another course right now, and your mastermind isn’t able to give you the support you need in this area.  You need an experienced operations person to help you grow (ahem - I’m a Certified Director of Operations).

Let’s find that middle ground so you can get to the point where you’re financially ready to hire that OBM! 

I can help you get there!