growing your business doesn't have to be so damn hard. using strategy + systems you can see growth without the frustration.

work less, live more

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templates + checklists

Backend Brilliance

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Kristen MockUp


Simplified Quarterly Planning Toolkit

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how to set up your project management system for sustainable growth

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templates + checklists

Business HQ

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masterclass (soon to be upgraded to a course)

cut hours with click up

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Bari Burnley

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Looking for something else?

i need this done in a day

Want some support getting your strategy or systems in place in a day? I offer a limited number of VIP days.

i need ongoing 1:1 support

Not quite ready for an OBM, but need ongoing strategic support in growing your business? I only take 3 consulting clients a year. Let's hop on a call to see if we're a good fit.

I need some hand-holding

If you need a bit of handholding and accountability then check out the Work Less, Live More Club for ongoing group support with building your business. 

Remember, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.