What’s up with the 🌊🧜‍♀️ mermaid 🌊🧜‍♀️ in your branding?

mermaid in your branding

I’m so glad you asked. At first I was hesitant to use the mermaid in my branding … because this wonderful, mythical creature is often referred to as the siren of the sea and tales have circulated about them luring men into the sea and drowning them … you can see why I was hesitant … not wanting to be seen in the same light as a siren or known for drowning people 😬.

In fact I want the opposite - I want entrepreneurs who feel like they’re drowning to finally be able to breathe, catch their breath, stop frantically treading water and feel like they’ve been pulled into a luxury yacht.

My branding has always been designed with creating those feelings of calm, safety, relief, compassion,and flow. The colours I use have always been very coastal (a variety of soothing blues and seafoam green).  But I didn’t really fully solidify the mermaid into my branding until 2022.

What changed? 

That was the year I fully stepped out of operations and embraced my love of writing. I’d been resistant because a “service-based business wasn’t leverageable” (ha ha - don’t get me started on that - that’s a topic for another blog!)

But after the shit show of 2020 and 2021, I needed to get back to what I truly loved and that was writing.

sidenote: 2021 actually hit me harder than 2020 because while in 2020 I had hope that it would just be for a “few more weeks”, by 2021 I just was struggling to see an end.

So this brings me to the mermaid. A mermaid is half fish, half-person. And I am half strategist, half copywriter (you can read more about my entrepreneurial journey on my about page). 

I bring both the left and right side of my brain to business. It’s rare that an entrepreneur has both skill sets, but I honed different pieces of my personality growing up and through my academic studies making using both sides of my brain a natural thing for me.

I’m strategic and creative. 

I can see the big picture and also pare it down to a detailed project plan. 

I can be serious but also have a spiritual and playful side to me.

flow into freedom

Other factors that play into why this just fits with my branding.

  • As a kid, I LOVED the water. I was that kid that would stay in there until I was completely wrinkled, blue lips, shivering (and yet insisting I wasn’t cold because I wanted to stay in the water). People used to joke that I was part fish (which *ahem* would technically make me a mermaid).
  • I was a lifeguard for many years. I still think this is the best job ever for a teen (if I do say so myself. It beat coming home smelling like a deep fryer like my sister - sorry hun but you know it's true) … it also happens to be where I met my husband. We were both lifeguards at the university pool (I probably wouldn’t have met him otherwise since he wasn’t a student there. And if I did meet him elsewhere, it’s likely I wouldn’t have seen past his cocky exterior to see the person he was … trust me it was not love at first sight).
  • I love the waves, the beach. It’s my happy place. When I’m stressed I turn on the “beach waves” on my white noise app and breathe deeply.  
  • I even love the smell of chlorine haha (still don’t love the smell of sunscreen though I know how important it is … I burn easily).
  • Where do I travel? South to the warm sandy beaches! (in case you forgot I’m Canadian so I love the warmer south).
  • Learning to surf is still on my bucket list along with parasailing … one day soon! 
  • I have anxiety and water helps calm me and ground me when things feel like they're spinning out of control.
  • The ocean seems so open and freeing. A mermaid can swim for hours without walls or borders. The ocean is so open there's no need for crowding. It feels like the ultimate freedom to me.

So you can see that while I was hesitant to integrate the mermaid into my branding, it’s such an obvious fit and pulls together many parts of me into one image or representation.

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