3 Reasons Why I Write Sales Pages as a VIP Experience

3 Reasons Why I Write Sales Pages as a VIP Experience

What’s so great about sales page vip days?

I hesitate to use the term “VIP” because I treat ALL my clients as if they are part of my extended family and do my best work for everyone … however I’m using the term VIP in the context of a VIP line (or Disney’s Fast Pass which FYI is now called ✨ Genie+ Lightning Lanes ⚡) … it allows you to jump to the front of the line, to get your copy completed faster. 

Instead of waiting weeks for your copy, as a VIP client, you get it within a week … and it’s currently the only way I write copy … so in essence, all my clients are still VIPs 🙂 

But what you’re probably wondering is what exactly is a VIP experience, who is it the perfect fit for and how does it work with copy?  So let’s dive right in 🌊.

What is a VIP Experience

A VIP experience can be virtual or in person. In my case, writing sales copy is a virtual VIP Experience. It has 3 phases (Discover, Design, Deliver), but rest assured you do not need to be on Zoom with me for the duration of the experience, leaving you to be free to continue to run other areas of your business while I work magic ✨ on your sales copy. 

While we do hop on a call to connect, this experience is done-for-you, not done-with-you. At the end of your experience you get a set of deliverables (deliverables and length of the experience are determined by us at the beginning of the process). 

My most popular VIP experience is writing an ethical sales page for a group offering (course, program, mastermind, or paid workshop), that is designed to attract and convert your ideal client without shame or blame.  But, we can always talk about adding on additional elements of copy to suit your needs. 

The sales page is the foundational piece of copy, where you decide to go from there is up to you! We can customize your experience with additional copy. 

sales page vip day

Who is the Best Client for a VIP Experience?

The VIP experience is designed for an online coach, consultant, or service provider looking to get a new offer out into the virtual world. Someone who needs their sales page turned around FAST and doesn’t have the time to write it themselves.

Other attributes of my best VIP experience clients include:

  • You don’t need a copywriter on retainer all the time … you just need one in your back pocket for those big projects - like releasing a new offer or revamping an offer.
  • If you have an offer that is selling consistently in your business or a new offer that has been pre-validated (in other words, in some way, your methods are already proven) then pulling all your brilliance into a captivating sales page and turning up the volume on traffic could be your next step. 
  • You’re done DIYing your copy with those templates you bought and want to hand it over to a professional copywriter to support you for this promotion.
  • You have a sales page for your offer, but the way it’s written just doesn’t feel aligned with your brand messaging, core values or how you want to market to your audience. You want a human-centered sales page.
  • Time is your most valuable asset right now.

You don’t have to check all the boxes, but if you found yourself thinking “yep yep yep” (said in the voice of Duckie from Land Before Time <<< remember that movie?) then a VIP experience is most likely a good fit for you.

It’s not for you if you’re just starting out in business and don’t have an offer that is selling consistently. It’s also not for you if you’re looking for someone to teach you to DIY your sales copy as we’re not co-writing during this experience. 

sales page vip day

How Does a VIP Experience Work?

First you fill out your application which takes you to an invoice and allows you to select the date for your VIP experience (fair warning they tend to book up about 6 weeks in advance so if you have something coming up soon it’s best to secure your date now while you’re finalizing the details).

Next my system (Dubsado) will send over a contract for you to look over and sign. Within 24 hours of signing the contract, you’ll receive an email with your pre-work questionnaire and information about our copy connection call (which will take place the Monday of your VIP experience unless we arrange otherwise).

Five days before your VIP experience you’ll submit your pre-work questionnaire, which will give me time to look it over and make a few notes for our copy connection call.

Monday will be the “official start” to your VIP experience. We'll have our copy connection call via Zoom and I’ll gather any remaining details I need to know about your business, your offer, your voice, and so on. I then spend some more time researching you, listening to your voice (via podcasts you’ve been on, videos, lives, anywhere I can hear you speak). I check out your current website, your blogs, and a few social posts to see your writing style. 

On Tuesday, I spend the whole day working on your copy. You don’t need to be on a call with me, I just ask that you make yourself available via email to answer any urgent questions, but the rest of your time is yours to continue on with your usual daily activities.

The goal is to get your sales page to you by Wednesday along with a Loom walkthrough so you can review the sales page and provide any requested revisions to me.  I’ll work on those the next day and get them back to you asap so you can head into your weekend with a fully completed sales page that you absolutely love! 

Now onto the fun stuff … why should you love VIP experiences as much as I do? 

sales page vip day

What are the Benefits of VIP Days?

Benefit 1: Time

Hands down, no contest, the #1  benefit is time! The VIP experience allows you to get your sales copy turned around FAST! You don’t need to spend weeks going back and forth with a copywriter to get the kick-ass sales page you need.

Time is the most precious resource we have (in life and in business). As a mom and fellow entrepreneur, I understand how precious your time is, and that you don’t have weeks to get your sales copy in place. 

Nor do you want to wait longer to start making money on that amazing offer of yours. Not to mention the impact it will have on your audience – I know you wake up at night thinking about how it’s going to help them!

Time is so important to us that we’ve seen an increase in services addressing this. For example, Amazon Prime, DoorDash/Skip the Dishes, the TSA Pre-check, same-day grocery delivery, on-demand streaming services, etc.

It’s become a normal part of our society to want things faster (or maybe I’m just impatient). And a VIP experience brings your copy to you faster. 

Benefit 2: Freedom

Not only do you get a fast turnaround time, but during the VIP experience, you have freedom. You don’t have to be on the call with me all day long! You get to continue to work on your business and stay in your zone of genius while your copy is written for you …  or log off early and spend more time with the ones you love. You have the freedom to choose what you do now that you’ve taken that sales copy off your to-do list. 

Benefit 3: Confidence

I know that one of the things that many entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to handing their copy over to someone else is whether they’ll be able to capture their voice. With this VIP model I only work on 1 project at a time. So I’m not trying to slip in and out of several personas. I am 100% all in on your project, dialing in your voice with every word I write. All my creative energy is focused on your copy. 

sales page vip day

How is my VIP experience different from other VIP days?

I know you may have heard of other VIP models where you aren’t guaranteed a set of deliverables … it’s just whatever they get done during the day, but that’s not how I roll. 

I know if it were me I’d want the entire project done, not a half done page that I still had to finish myself or pay more for … so that’s why I make mine a VIP experience vs a VIP day. That way if I need an extra day to wrap up your sales page I can make sure it’s fabulous before I hand it over to you - completed. And you don’t pay any more for the experience. 

I’m gonna be honest, some days words just don’t flow as smoothly as others (you know you’ve had similar days in your area of expertise) and I want to make sure that I deliver the best sales page for your offer (I refuse to sacrifice quality because I’m having an off day) … so I give myself a bit of flexibility and don’t force the creativity to happen within 6 or 8 hours. 

Ok so there you have it. This is why I write sales pages as a VIP experience. Sound like this is what you’re looking for?