The Best Ways to Inject More Personality Into Your Copy

The Best Ways to Inject More Personality in Copy

Looking to make your copy stand out in a sea of similar businesses? Then this blog is for you! 

(Spoiler: It’s all about personality)

Personality really is the essential ingredient that will give your business that competitive edge you’re after… But incorporating your personality into your copy is something that takes a bit of practice and relies on doing a bit of deep dive into yourself first.

Unlocking your uniqueness

In general, we have all been conditioned to follow the crowd and often people have a tendency to do what other people are doing- this includes following their lead when it comes to writing copy.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take inspiration from accounts and businesses that you look up to because you should! But just be careful because if you do and speak exactly as they do, your posts are quickly going to get lost in everyone else's.

So the first…and arguably the most important step in starting to create copy that is infused with your personality, is taking that step back and recognizing that it's okay to do your own thing! Find what makes you, you and use it to fill your copy with personality and quirks. 

Because when you step away from the influence of others and start doing you, that's when you’ll stand out.

That all-important tone of voice

Once you’ve unlocked your uniqueness and have broken free from the tendency to follow the crowd, it’s time to identify your tone of voice. This will be the overarching guide that will help your copy to sound consistent and identifiably yours. So take what makes you unique and start turning these things into motifs you can use in your writing. In other words, find what you’re obsessed with and shout about it! I promise you people want to know. 

After all, when you’re authentically you, you start to attract like-minded clients as well so it’s a win-win all around!

It’s storytime

Copy is all about telling a good story and when it comes to sprucing up your copy by mixing in your personality, storytelling is very relevant for two different reasons. 

First of all, sharing the story of you and your business is a great way for people to get to know you and works well as a method for you to figure out what personality naturally comes out as you write. 

Secondly, keeping a narrative throughout the copy you write is a great way to keep things interesting and to keep the reader engaged.

Stories inject personality

Stepping outside of the box

A bit like what we discussed at the start of the blog, one brilliant way to help yourself stand out from the crowd is to switch up how you do things by tapping into your unique self. This includes your calls to action (bonus points if you can tie any recurring themes that you use throughout your copy in here, even if it's a bit of wordplay!). Because simply adding ‘click here’ at the end of a piece of copy, isn’t always enough and it’s been done before...hundreds of times! So think outside the box, tell them a story, and look at the call to action as an exciting version of the ending!

Professionalism dulls personality

There is always time and a place for being professional, but this place isn’t always in your website copy or blogs. Remember, you aren’t a huge conglomerate corporation and when you get too caught up in trying to sound like one, you’ll quickly find you’re losing your tone of voice and with it, your relatability. You are an individual, with interesting points of view and a unique story, remember to tap into that when you write and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

However, I understand that doing all of this and taking a deep dive into what makes you and your business unique can feel a bit overwhelming. Especially if you’ve found yourself getting swept up in the comparison cycle and you’re subconsciously recreating what you see on social media every day. 

But that’s normal! We’ve all been doing it for years which is why sometimes it’s best to get an outsider in to help guide you and talk you through finding a tone of voice that is unique as you. 

If you’re ready to do just that, I’m offering half-day intensives specifically designed to help you discover and develop your tone of voice. After our session, you’ll be left feeling confident and ready to inject your copy with your uniqueness.