The 5 Best Ways To Integrate Your Superpowers Into Your Brand

Guest blog: Tiffany Neuman

5 Best Ways To Integrate Your Superpowers Into Your Brand

Persuasive writing. Creating connections. Leading people to clarity. These are 3 of my superpowers.

We tend to downplay the things that other people think we do well because it feels easy and comes naturally to us. But it's often those things that are truly our superpower. 

Superpowers are your dominant strengths that are aligned with your focus and passions. We can use our superpowers as a catalyst to success, but only if we harness them and mindfully integrate them into our brand and business.

Your superpowers are the primary brand differentiator between you and your competitors. Not only will they help you reach your biggest goals, but they can also help you create the biggest impact with your clients and in the world. 

Here are the most powerful ways to integrate your superpower into your brand, so you can stand out from the competition, effortlessly call in ideal clients, and become an industry leader.


Clarity in Messaging

Strengths are complementary, meaning what you’re good at is what someone else struggles with. When your message is clear, those who are weak in that area will easily understand the value of what you bring to complement their weaknesses. 

Say you are an accountant and your superpower is organizing data and then creating a plan of action. Instead of simply saying you will help people manage their money, share your love of organizing, pinpointing problems, and creating solutions. People who struggle with organizational skills will resonate deeply and eagerly sign up to work with you, rather than go to an accountant who simply “manages money”. 

By infusing your superpower into your messaging, it positions you as the clear choice for your ideal clients. For instance, when we weaved my client Kathrine’s superpower into her brand, it called in her ideal clients like never before. 

creativity is messy

Katherine is a bookkeeper and accountant, but no ordinary one! Her superpower lies in mindset work and helping clients understand that money is their friend and actually tells a story. Her ideal clients are creatives who are not great at managing her money, so for her tagline we used “Creativity is Messy, Money Doesn’t Need To Be”. Now Katherine is off social media and is turning away clients because her roster is so full due to her aligned messaging!


Cultivate Confidence

It’s common for entrepreneurs to feel a sense of impostor syndrome and you may downplay your strengths because you feel that they are not unique or special. However, according to Clifton Strengths, the chances of someone else having the same strengths as you in the same order as you is 1 in 33 million! Your strengths are unique, and they make you who you are. 

We often get so in the weeds with our businesses, that we don’t actually use our superpowers that often. For instance, if you are amazing at persuasive writing and don’t create the space to write often, you may begin to doubt your abilities. 

feel amazing naked

Amanda is a life and business coach and health advocate with a mission to help busy women feel amazing naked. She often described herself as an accidental and DIY-style entrepreneur. After working together, Amanda told me that she "feels like the real deal now." Although she always took her business seriously, it all changed once she stepped into her new Legacy Brand and messaging strategy. She now cultivates her confidence by applying and landed features in media outlets like Forbes and Today Online and being a guest on podcasts such as Biceps After Babies and Scaling Up.

If you wish to have consistent confidence, energy, and flow as a business owner, integrate your superpowers by ensuring you’re using them daily and actively pursuing new opportunities to share your message! Find the time to do so by acting on tip #5 below.

Create a Signature Framework

A signature framework (aka method) is a step-by-step process that you take clients through to produce consistent powerful results. It should be 100% unique to your coaching or consulting strategy. 

When you OWN your superpower, package it up, and claim it as your own, it helps to differentiate you from everyone else doing the same work. This positions you as a thought leader and expert, as well as provides a repeatable talking point to quickly explain your process. 

A signature framework also puts structure behind your offers to legitimize them, which also saves you time and effort. To get started, simply track your work with clients and begin to notice the underlying process that you follow to create results for them.

For instance, my signature framework, the Legacy Brand Method is always a highlight of my workshops, as it provides a concrete example of EXACTLY what to expect when going through the branding (or rebrand) process. And, bonus points if your method is an acronym - the Legacy Brand Method steps spell out “LEGACY” which drives the point home further.

legacy brand

Craft an Aligned Visual Aesthetic

Once you get your message clear and focused, your superpowers can be weaved into your visual aesthetic. Although your brand visuals are only the tip of the iceberg of your full brand, we as humans are visual creatures. Even if you try not to “judge a book by its cover” -  our human brains are wired to react to aesthetically pleasing visuals. Integrating your superpowers can help guide color selections, logo ideas, photoshoots, and overall how you present your brand. 

For instance, if your superpower is being a calm, nurturing coach - your brand colors may be light blue based on color psychology. On the flip side, if you’re a strong personality whose superpower is empowering people to step onto the stage, you may choose a deep red or purple. 

This provides an initial feeling that will attract people initially, and then your messaging will be the hook that explains why YOU are the person they need to work with.

Take my client Elaine for example, she had a typical “boss-babe” look when she came in for a rebrand and never felt congruent with it. After going through the Legacy Brand Method, she now has an aligned aesthetic that allows her heritage as a first-generation immigrant to shine through by using colors that are a spin on the filipino flag. We also shifted her messaging as she wanted to focus on women of color rather than all women.


Elaine Lou-live your dream


Elaine Lou

Control Time and Energy

Understanding your strengths allows you to spend more time on the activities that fuel you and give you more energy and resilience, and less time on the tasks that drain you.

Focus on delegating tasks that are not aligned to your superpower to others to set boundaries around your time and energy. Remember, strengths are complementary! It’s important to find others who have skills that balance or harmonize yours, instead of hiring people just like you, which could add even more stress and overwhelm. 

Integrate your superpowers into your entire business by delegating tasks to others who have complementary superpowers and watch harmony and success unfold in your business.

Ready to attract more clients NOW by integrating your superpowers? Take Tiffany’s Brand Clarity quiz to learn exactly what your brand needs to attract more ideal clients than ever, amplify your sales, and create a brand that impacts the world for generations—leaving behind your legacy. 

legacy brand


Tiffany Neuman is a visionary branding strategist who helps mission-driven entrepreneurs and influencers up-level their businesses. After 15 years in the corporate world, working with brands like FedEx, Stoli Vodka and Burt’s Bees, she left to establish a revolutionary branding business that stays one step ahead of trends. Tiffany now works with clients across the globe to help them 10x their sales and shine even brighter in their niches. Find out more at or follow Tiffany on Instagram.