What a strategic partner looks like in your business

What a strategic partner looks like in your business

It’s common for business owners to feel a bit lost in how to grow and strategize around the business.


After all, if you came from corporate America, you’re used to someone telling you what to do, when, how and where to do it. Someone else sets your work hours, schedules meetings on your behalf and plops work in your “in” box to complete.


And even if that sounds a bit extreme, it’s likely that you’re very much used to having to answer to someone else, day in and day out.


That’s not the case when you own your own business. Sure, you have clients to please, but you get to decide how you complete your work. You make your own schedule. You set the dress code, even if that’s yoga pants and your favourite college sweatshirt every day of the week.


And while that’s all well and good, not every personality is equipped to handle all that freedom.


How often do you call it a day early, only to have to burn the midnight oil the next day? How much time do you spend searching for that file because you don’t have a system for naming them? How often do you corner your spouse the moment he or she walks in the door from work because you need someone to bounce ideas off of (only to be met with a blank stare because no one really understands online business like online business owners).


It’s easy to feel misunderstood, overwhelmed and just not know where to turn next. In fact, many business owners begin to doubt themselves at this stage. Goals aren’t being met because there’s too much time spent just getting the work done already.


How do I know all this? Because this is where many of my clients are when we start working together.

This is where a strategic partner comes in.


Just because you’re THE business owner doesn’t mean you can’t have a partner. Let me explain.


A strategic partner is someone who walks alongside you in your business to help you make those tough decisions that you overthink. She can help you take the emotion out of the decisions so they’re strategic and have your end goals in mind.


A strategic partner can put a plan in place for your next big project or launch and free up your time and brainpower to think about other, bigger things. She helps you become the visionary of your business again, instead of the person who is in the weeds of work. (She’s tending to those weeds for you!)


A strategic partner helps you navigate away from that nagging feeling of what you “should” be doing because she helps you focus on what works for your business strategy. She will help you save money on investments (no more FOMO!) as you strategize around what makes the most sense for where your business is now and where you want to go.


A strategic partner creates operational efficiencies for you so you can save time and ensure your customers have an exceptional experience. You’ll be able to stop doing things that don’t generate revenue and start breaking through that revenue ceiling you keep feeling.


Growing a business doesn’t have to be scary, and scaling can be a fun adventure–with the right partner by your side. And scaling doesn’t always mean growing a big team; it means having systems and procedures in place to make the growth easy.


In fact, one of the best things about having a strategic partner as part of your team is that hiring, developing and perfecting systems, investing and planning for growth is that much easier. Because you have someone who is deeply invested in your business from early on who knows exactly what your vision and mission is–and can help you bring it to fruition. You don’t have to wait until you have a large team and are pulling your hair out to bring a strategic partner into your business; you’re probably ready right now!


And having that strategic partner by your side means that your friends and loved ones no longer have to carry the burden of bouncing around ideas with you–because while they mean well, they don’t necessarily know what’s going on behind the scenes.


Are you ready to see growth in your business?

One way to get started is to work 1:1 with a director of operations to develop a strategic plan for growth in one specific area.

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