What strategic mapping will do for your business

What Strategic Mapping Will Do For Your Business

I hear from business owners all the time about their success, and I love it.

They’re just about to break through the 6-figure ceiling and they’re feeling good about it. But inside, they’re secretly freaking out (I don’t love this part). They’ve had success but they feel like they’re barely hanging on.

Many of these folks thought that things would get easier when they hit the 6-figure mark. They’re making more money…It’s supposed to be easier, right?

The problem is that they haven’t scaled their business to keep up with growth. They’re wearing all the hats–marketing, sales, operations, product development, customer support and more–and don’t have the systems in place to take care of their business (and themselves) the way they should.

The biggest strength these business owners have is also the cause of their biggest challenges. Their visibility and offers are in alignment, which is the reason for their growth. But now they need to take a step back and fix some of those operational issues if they’re going to continue to grow.

The answer?

Strategic mapping™. 

Having a strategic map for your business is the thing that will tighten things up and truly allow you to scale into your dream business. Because you can’t keep doing all the things and you can’t do everything manually. (You know that already because you’ve tried!)

Strategic mapping™ is the process of dissecting all the areas of your business and prioritizing the seven strategic objectives that every business must have: financial stability, visibility, product creation and refinement, operational efficiencies, team growth, and personal growth/professional development.


Once you know which objectives you need to focus on and when to put them in play in your business, you’ll see amazing things happen.

Strategic Mapping Keeps You Focused

When you’ve gone through the Strategic Mapping Model™, you’re able to stay focused on the objectives at hand. There’s less FOMO and shiny object syndrome because you know exactly what needs to happen if your business is going to keep moving forward. You’ll invest smarter, instead of snatching up every program and product that looks like it’d help you out because you’ll know exactly where your energy is focused. And you’ll stop trying to improve your visibility, grow your team, develop more operations and launch that new product all at the same time. Whew!

Strategic Mapping Gives You More Progress, Faster

Because of this hyper-focus, you’ll make more progress in your business month over month and you’ll really be able to see the accomplishments you’re making. It’s just like using social media to promote your business: When you try to publish on all the platforms, your message gets diluted and people don’t see you. When you focus your efforts on just one or two key platforms, your message is heard and you get more traction faster. The same is true inside your business. Let’s get those operations under control before you work on visibility and bring on more clients. You’ll feel less stressed and you’ll make those clients happier when you’re ready to focus on client experience.

Strategic Mapping Helps You With Boundaries

It’s so hard to say no, especially as a business owner who loves serving her clients. But when you’re focused on operations and efficiencies this quarter and visibility isn’t a priority, it’s easy to say “not now” to that request to be part of an online summit or to speak at a local networking event–there will be more opportunities in the future, I promise. There’s no more resentment (of yourself or others) because you agreed to something that isn’t part of your current focus. And even better, you can blame it on your operations manager if she helped you through the mapping process!

Of course, when you put all of these benefits together in your business, you achieve powerful growth, a rock-solid vision and a business that continues to see growth and profit all while fitting neatly into the lifestyle you dream of.

But first, you need to map out which strategic objectives you need to focus on now–the ones that will serve you and your business best based on where you are.


If you’re ready to see growth like this, grab my Roadmap to Business Growth below and let’s get started together!