What You Need to Reach Your Business Goals in 2022

Reach Your Business Goals 2022

We all like to make resolutions for the New Year, but actually seeing them through? That’s another story. It’s easy to set lofty goals for your business when we crack open a new calendar or planner, but we need a strategy to help us accomplish them.

One strategy I’ve found helpful is to remove any obstacles that may get in my way — ahead of time. In this blog, I’ll discuss how reflecting on your goals, strategically planning ahead, and understanding your needs can help you reach your business goals this year.

Review and reflect on your 2022 business goals

Look at your list of 2022 business goals. Take some time to reflect on each one. How do they make you feel? Are you most excited to start working on one of them in particular? Are you dreading another?

Let’s say you jotted down “create and sell a course” on your list of goals because, well, every guru you know says that it’s the next step in growing your business. But instead of feeling inspired and motivated to launch your very own course, you’re cringing at the thought of it.

If you’re dreading any goals in particular, try to figure out why. It may be that this goal doesn’t really resonate with you. Maybe it’s a goal that you think you “should” accomplish, rather than one you’re passionate about for your business. Identify those goals and take them off your list. You can always add them back in later when the time is right — or when you find a way to bring them to life that aligns with your values.

Identify any roadblocks in your way

Are you worried about or stressing over any of your other goals? You still want to achieve them, but you’re unsure where to start or how you’ll manage to do it at all.

In this case, I want you to pinpoint what’s holding you back. Identify those roadblocks that may prevent you from getting started on that goal or trip up your progress. Then, figure out what you need to get around or crush that roadblock.

Maybe you want to finally hire a virtual assistant, OBM or Director of Operations so you can focus on other areas of your business. But you’ve never employed anyone before, so you’re feeling anxious about the whole hiring process. It may help to talk to another business owner in the same boat, or to break down your assistant search into smaller, more manageable chunks. “Write a job description” is less scary than “Find an assistant by this date.”

These roadblocks may not even be specific to one particular goal. Maybe they’re based on your habits or personality. It can be tough, but trust me — being (brutally) honest with yourself will only help you reach your business goals in the months to come.

Figure out what kinds of support you need

Now that you’ve identified what might get in the way of reaching your business goals, it’s time to come up with some preemptive solutions. For example, if one of your goals is to increase the number of coaching clients you have, but you’re worried that you won’t have enough time to put in the work, figure out where you can free up your time. 

You might outsource some of your work to someone else on your team or hire a freelancer to do the job. Social media, copywriting, accounting, graphic design, project management — as a small business owner, you know that your to-do list is a mile long. Let someone else share the workload.

You can also find support at home by outsourcing some of those chores as well. Not enough time to cook? Try a meal delivery service or prep a big batch of freezer meals on the weekends. Need to juggle work and watching the kiddos? Set up a childcare swap with other parents or hire part-time help. You have options for paid and free support. It just takes a little research and planning.

Line up your support system for 2022

Remember that life is unpredictable, and you can’t plan for everything, as much as we like to try. This exercise isn’t meant to stress you out or add more to your plate. Rather, it should help you anticipate your needs and remove those stressors before they get to you.  

If you find you need help growing your business without increasing your workload and burning out, that’s what I’m here for. With my Focus Framework VIP day, you’ll learn how to get your business moving, growing, and scaling in the right direction without drowning in your to-do list. Schedule a call with me and let’s talk about transforming your business.