Why I Work With a Content Team Even Though I’m a Copywriter

Why I Work with a Content Team

I always try to be transparent with my clients and in the spirit of honesty, the topic of today's blog is something that’s been on my mind for a while: Why I work with a content team, even though I’m a copywriter. 

So let’s start with the basics…

Copy vs content writing: what actually is the difference?

Because there is a pretty big one and it not only plays a key role in how I run my business, but in how my business serves others as well.

Copywriting largely revolves around sales and enticing readers in so they want to take action. Think websites, sales pages and email sequences. 

Content writing on the other hand is more focused on the storytelling aspect, bringing a business to life by informing, educating or inspiring the reader. They specialise more in writing blogs, social media captions and newsletters.

Why I Work with a Content Team

Naturally, the two have some overlap when it comes to their purpose and how content is created, but there is a definite difference nonetheless. And I am a copywriter. Not a content writer. 

I love writing sales-led copy and that’s what I’ve built my business around. 

Which leads me nicely into…

Why I chose to be a copywriter rather than a content writer

There are a few reasons so sit back and maybe make a cup of tea before we get into the good stuff. 

First up, I like really focusing on the one transformation that audiences are going to get from my incredible clients and really having fun when talking about it in a unique way. Because sometimes it’s hard for people to see how they can stand out and have an original voice in a sea of hundreds of other people doing the same thing as them. But I can help them see that they can sound different because they ARE different. 

And doing just this, showcasing their personality through their sales copy, is reason number two! Doing this and helping people step away from the plug and play templates that often result in you sounding like everyone else is something I really love to do. 

So being able to create a sales page for a client that is uniquely theirs, just like their services are, makes me really happy. However, I do understand that hiring a copywriter is is an extra expense, so if you are using DIY templates for now, make sure to read my blog on how to inject personality into your copy!

Sales copy doesn’t mean you have to follow bro marketing tactics either and I love being part of a movement that is anti-oppressive and looks at writing copy, particularly sales copy, in a different, more incisive and kinder way. 

Why I Work with a Content Team

A lot of the time I work with people who know what they do, but can't seem to find the words to describe that to someone else in a way that translates into a killer piece of copy. And I love enabling people to overcome this and helping them to bring all of their words, passion and amazing offerings together in a way that clearly communicates what they do. And the excitement that brings my clients is why I do this for a living. 

So now you know my reasons for being a copywriter, I’ll move on to…

Why I work with a content team

In my content team, I have someone to support me in writing my blogs and some social posts in addition to a virtual assistant who helps with all things social media apart from the engagement. I manage that and my DMs. 

There are two main reasons I’ve brought in help with my content.

Reason one is if I'm taking the time to do all of the graphic creation, blog writing and headline work, etc…I don't have the time to work on my client's copy (which will always be my priority).

Why I Work with a Content Team

As most business owners will know, naturally as your business gets busier, working on our own businesses takes a back seat and I want to continue to provide high-value content to my readers by bringing in support for my own content, I start to combat this issue! 

Reason number two is that when it comes to content, I always tend to give too much and this can result in overwhelm for the people reading my content. This is something I know I need help balancing out so I bring in skilled people to do that! 

But the main reason I work in this way? The answer to that is simple and it happens to be the motto I live by - ‘Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.’

This is something as a copywriter I remind my clients of all the time and really, I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I was preaching something I didn’t apply to my own business!

And at the end of the day, this makes me a better worker, my content better for my clients and makes me feel aligned with what I do. 


How do you work? Do you outsource in your business? Let me know and don’t forget to tell me your life motto as well!