5 Best Sales Page Copywriting Tips You Need To Know

The 5 best sales page copywriting tips you need to know

When it comes to writing sales pages, I know a thing or two about how to write a kickass one! 

There are several things that every sales page needs to do though to make it a good one, and today I’m going to share those with you! 

So grab your paper and pens (or open a word doc) and get ready to jot these down because you’ll need them when you start to write your next sales page! 

Use your research

Now, I’m assuming that there was a reason you created whatever offer you are about to sell, am I right? 

Well, you aren’t done with all that research that went into creating this amazing offer that is going to help solve a significant problem for your client! 

That’s right, it’s making a comeback because it is essential when it comes to your sales page!

The most important part is looking at your target audience's pain points and using your sales page to identify and address them so they feel seen and heard! However, there is a certain way to go about this.

What you don’t want to do is:

  • Put the blame on them
  • Make the pain point their fault 
  • Only talk about the pain point 

What you do what to do is:

  • Position the pain point as a common ground between you and your ideal client
  • Don’t place any blame on the individual
  • Use it as a theme on your page, incorporating other elements too 
  • Describe the pain points in the same way your ideal client does (use that research!)
copywriting research

Talk about the benefits over the features

I’ve said it once (or a few times) and I’ll say it again! 

When writing a sales page, you need to talk about the benefits of the offer you’re selling more than you talk about the features!!

Why is this so important? Because you aren’t just selling a product or a service - you’re selling a transformation that is going to significantly improve your client's life! Want some no bs truth? They don’t care what it is you’re selling, they just want the problem solved! So tell them how it’s going to benefit them, what they are going to gain from making this investment, how they are going to feel after purchasing! 

If you struggle to do this, think about selling the emotion your offer is going to give them, rather than the things the product or service has. Will they be relaxed or inspired? What emotions will they feel? 

Because once they can picture this and start to see the benefits of what you’re offering, they’re more likely to buy!

Tell a story

The one thing you want your sales page to do is to flow. You need it to effortlessly guide your reader through the page leaving them feeling compelled to take action at the end! 

So how do you do this? You tell a story! 

Obviously not just any old story- you will need to be strategic!

Think about where your story starts (in this case, it will be the pain point of your audience and why you created your offer), the middle (what you’ve created and social proof), and the end (how they’ll feel if they make the investment and the CTA)

Now, good storytelling will have a theme throughout, in this case, it’s probably best to use the benefits we talked about in the last section of this blog.

You can also use storytelling to engage your audience and encourage them to buy and show off your personality! 

So don’t be afraid to bring in your personality and make it fun! I have a whole blog on how to do this here if you’d like some more guidance. 

story telling

Predict any roadblocks

When your dream client sits down to read your sales page, you want them to feel like they’ve finally been heard and that your offer is the solution to their problem

To do this, we need to act as if we are mind readers! Now, I’m not saying we need to sit down with a crystal ball but we do need to predict any potential reasons they might not want to buy and preemptively answer any questions they might have! 

So make sure you leave space to do this on your sales page. Think about…

  • Any reservations they might have about purchasing (what are some of your common reservations - that’s always a good place to start - e.g. time, money, timezone)
  • Frequently asked questions you often receive (on calls, in your DMs, via email)
  • Any potential issues someone might have with what you’re selling

Because if you can do this and address any issues or questions someone might have without them needing to come and ask you first, you’re showing them how much you understand their needs. You’re also acknowledging that not everyone is the same and different people have experienced different things in life.

Language is everything

language is everything on your sales copy

It should come as no surprise that the words you use on a sales page can have a significant impact on the success of the page! 

But let’s break it down.

In my opinion, there are three main things you need to be aware of when it comes to the words you use on your sales page:

  1. Absolutes- you want to try avoiding absolutes like ‘always’ and ‘never’ when writing a sales page because it can over promise and nothing is ever guaranteed! 
  2. Power words- as the name implies, these are words that have a lot of persuasive power behind them. Two of the best examples are using the words ‘because’ and ‘imagine’. The word ‘because’ gives people a reason for what you said, making it more believable, and ‘imagine’ helps people to really picture what you’re selling! 
  3. Avoid vague wording and overused terms. For example, rather than saying “overwhelmed” or “frustrated” head to thesaurus.com or wordhippo.com and find synonyms that explain the situation better. For example, frustrated can become defeated, crushed, crestfallen, exasperated, outraged, and so on depending on the context.
  4. Be mindful- some phrases and words can be triggering for particular groups of people. So before you start writing about certain pain points, look into it a bit deeper and make sure the pain points aren’t related to any particular type of oppression and if they are, be careful when writing about it. You can read more about incorporating anti-oppressive practices into your business in my other blog

Put all of these together and you’ll be able to write a jaw-dropping sales page that not only does your offer justice, but speaks directly to your ideal audience and makes sales! 

If you still feel as though you need a bit of extra support when it comes to writing your own sales page, my Sales Page Sanity Saver might be just the thing to help take your sales page to the next level! You can grab your copy here!