5 Simple Phrases You Can Use To Make People Keep Reading Your Sales Page

5 Simple Phrases You Can Use To Make People Keep Reading Your Sales Page

Ready to level up your sales page? Then these phrases might just help! 

My biggest tip when it comes to writing a sales page is to always make sure your personality shines through it! You want the reader to be able to connect to you as well as the offer you're selling (and if you want more advice on how to do that, check out this blog!). 

But if you’re looking for a few phrases that could help increase your conversion rate and keep people reading then you’re in the right place! 

Before we dive right in, I want to add a little disclaimer! These words/phrases aren’t magic and they might not work for everyone. So feel free to use them or the concepts behind them as inspiration and change them up a bit. Definitely make sure they are things you’d say normally as well, otherwise your sales page will feel really out of place compared to your other copy! 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

“Here’s why this is important”

This phrase is a great one to use to keep people reading because it piques their interest! This not only highlights the importance of what you’re talking about but when you use it, they’re going to want to know why it is so important!

It’s simple but effective. I’m always skimming for this headline, the bratty teenager part of my brain is always saying “so what?” “why should I care?”

phrases that make people actually read your sales copy

“Stick with me here because…”

This is one of my favourites because it has a bit of personality! It also allows you to give more detail and phrases it in a way that will make people want to keep reading

‘Because’ is a very powerful word when it comes to writing copy as it gives people a reason behind what you’re saying which gives it more credibility! So in general, using ‘because’ throughout your page is a good idea.

I also like using conversational copy and this is a phrase I’d say to a friend as I’m verbally explaining something. If this phrase doesn’t fit your personality, think about what you might say instead to keep someone’s interest until you get to the key point you’re trying to drive home.

“So how did I…”

This is another great phrase because it allows you to start pulling in your story! 

People buy from people, so any phrase that allows you to share your journey or the transformation you’ve had is key to include! It makes the page more relatable and it helps people get to know who they are buying from. 

Showcasing your own transformation is also a great way to keep people motivated and get them excited about what they could potentially experience if they were to buy from you. Just don’t go too cliff notes on them. None of that rags to riches crap, give ‘em the juicy details that’ll have them reaching for the popcorn (or tissues) as they read. 

“How awesome is that?!”

Rhetorical questions like “how awesome is that?” are really good to use in sales pages because they make the reader think.

And if you use them well (and ask the right questions) you can get them imagining what their lives would be like if they were to buy your offer! Once you have them imagining it in their life, you’re on to a winner!

When the rhetorical question is filled with an already positive vibe (like the one above!) it primes the audience to give a positive response, helping them to get energized and excited about your offer too!

that was awesome sales copy

“Let me show you…”

This is another good one you can use to explain how or why something works! It gets your audience thinking and keeps up their intrigue.

It’s also a great phrase to transition into any social proof you have or further explain your process! Or a quick gif, meme or demo video (no voice over required). Making moving graphics is super simple in Canva! 

Other things to remember

One of the biggest marketing trends of this year is video…so this isn’t a phrase but it is some advice! 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate videos into your sales pages. This could be of you talking and explaining your offer or it could be a testimonial from someone who has previously purchased what you’re offering!

Video testimonials work really well as another way to add social proof to your page. Plus (like I said earlier) people buy from people! So adding short videos can work wonders!

show me the receipts

My final thing to remember is to just be genuine when you write. Keep it real, keep it honest and don’t try to sound like everyone else! Like I said at the beginning of this blog, let your personality shine through (Afterall, your personality is probably what brought them to your sales page in the first place!) 

If you found this blog useful, don’t forget to share it! And if you’re looking for more sales page help, get in touch!