Where to Find a Copywriter for Your Business

Where to Find a Copywriter for Your Business

“But where do I find a good copywriter” This is the million-dollar question! When I worked in operations and again when I was coaching/consulting, this was a question I got asked over and over. 

If you search #copywriter on Instagram you get a ton of unrelated posts. And you can spend hours getting lost on Fiverr and Upwork trying to find and vet copywriters, never finding the right one for your business.  It can be quite frustrating to spend all that time just trying to find someone to support you (when you’re already short on time!)

So let’s talk about what we mean by a “copywriter” and how to find the right copywriter for your business. 

What is a copywriter and what do they do

A copywriter is someone who crafts engaging copy for the reader to take a specific action. Copywriters are used to craft website copy to get people to book a call with you or hire you for your services. They’re also used to write sales copy designed to sell products or services.  The intent behind what they write is to promote or sell a product or service (vs educating or informing the reader of something). 

Want to know the difference between a copywriter and a content writer? You can read about that on my blog about why I work with a content team.

While some may argue that a copywriter can write any type of copy for any niche, most copywriters have certain specialties. They hone their craft and get really good at one particular type of copy. For example, copywriters can focus on: email marketing, case studies, websites, sales pages, sales emails, sales video scripts, ad copy, etc.

Once you know what type of copywriter you’re looking for, it’s time to figure out where to avoid and where to look for them. 

Where to avoid looking for a copywriter

Skip freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, or mass job boards where anyone and everyone can post (without any sort of vetting process). These platforms are saturated with new writers, some have never written conversion copy before or been in the online marketing space long enough to know the elements of copy you’ll need for your project. 

And while you may find a diamond in the ruff on these platforms, there's a lot of work that goes into searching these boards for the right person. If you’re willing to work with a new copywriter, make sure you have a really great posting to find the person you’re looking for.

But, in my opinion, you’re better off spending your time connecting with those in your online community to help you find the person you’re looking for. 

Where to find your copywriter

Where to find your copywriter


This is the best way to find a copywriter. Use your network to help you source recommendations for the type of copy you’re looking for. The people in your community likely have similar needs to you and have worked with someone who specializes in the type of copy you’re looking for. Great resources include: your business coach or strategist, mastermind host or members, group coaching program members, social media managers, those you collaborate with for visibility (ie podcast hosts, Instagram lives, website developer, etc.).

Referrals can cut down your search time by more than half as you know the person who is referring the copywriter has either worked with them or knows them from another relationship. Your network isn’t going to refer you to someone they don’t know, they want to help you and are only going to make recommendations for resources they trust. 


If your close network doesn’t have any recommendations for you, then it’s time to hit up LinkedIn. This platform is built for networking. Use the search feature in the platform to search for the type of copywriter you’re looking for. LinkedIn will then pull up a list of people who fit that description and you can check out their profiles, recommendations, work history, and posts before you decide whether to connect with or message them. 

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn’s search feature makes it easy to locate the people who match the search term you’re looking for even if you’re not connected to them yet. 


This isn’t as fast as LinkedIn as the top hits in Google will be from ads or bigger companies who have spent a ton of time on their SEO, but if you scroll further down the page, you can locate copywriters who may be a good fit for your business and check out their websites. And bonus, if you’re looking for someone local then you can add the location into your search and Google will narrow down the results for you. 

Sidenote: LinkedIn is often one of the top sites pulled up in a Google search so you may also find profiles you can connect with using a Google search. 

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